Roulette with Track High

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Roulette with Track High Free Game

Roulette with Track High is from the gaming developers at Playson and is a game that will give players hours of fun and with any luck some really good winnings too. The game has been designed in a really easy format to understand which makes it ideal for experienced and novice players alike. This table game has been produced to incorporate a stunning design, clear and concise table and also history tables.

General information

Roulette with Track High is a table game which has a vast bet range for players to choose from. The range starts from just that offers players a great bet range that starts from just £10.00 and up to a massive, maximum of £1000.00 per chip. The value of the chips is £10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500 and £1000.

Roulette with Track high reports a return to player of 97.30%, and with the highest pay out being set at four times the player’s bet. Roulette with Track High can be played for free which is a feature that I think everyone should take advantage of as it provides players with the chance to really master the game and format before, they have to part with any of their own money.

Features of the game

Once players launch Roulette with Track High, they cannot help but notice the totally pleasing aesthetics and stunning design. This combined with all of the instructions and standard ways to bet that players will expect to see and are available in any of the table games offered by competitors. When players are ready to place their bets there is an incredible feature which is simple and effective and highlights and provides messages that players can see over their mouse to assist the player in the whole betting scenario.

This assistance then affirms the bets that the players have placed and also informs players when they have exceeded their bet level or the level that is set by the game table.

Understanding the game

The flow of Roulette with track low has been created that players are provided with the advantages that they could expect from a bricks and mortar land based casino and also what they would expect an online casino to offer. The player places their bets on the table in the same way that they would if they were stood at a land based casino table and they can move and change their bets with a quick click of a button.

Play All the rounds in Roulette with Track High are played in and follow the same sequence. Firstly, the player is invited by the table to place their bets. The player then decides what they wish to bet and what way they want to place their bets. The player then presses the spin button and the roulette wheel is set spinning. All of the bets that the player has placed are withdrawn from their chip balance and the ball is added to the roulette wheel. Once the ball comes to rest in one of the numbered slots the winning number is announced, and winning bets are paid out.

Game display

The game display that works alongside Roulette with Track high is made up of three elements, which are the video display area, the game panel and the keypad area.

The video display area is where the main table is displayed and when the player opens the options area this is displayed in this area, but with one click the player is taken straight back to the game table. The game panel can be found by the player at the bottom of the table and it is here where the available amount players have is displayed as well as their win and bet information. Finally, the keypad area is also located at the bottom of the display and depending on what part of the game the player has got to, it gives them the chance to make any changes they wish before the next round.

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