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blackjack-medium-bjBlackjack Playson Overview

Playson is amongst the leading software developers and as so has a number of versions of Blackjack to offer, however in this review I intend to analyse their standard game of Blackjack. In doing so I can confirm that this game is the classic European version which has been created to cater for online players. In this particular version of Blackjack players will be treated to some excellent graphics, some features/options and some delightfully smooth game play.

Gameplay & Symbols

As most people know even those who do not play online games will expect the main aim of this game of Blackjack is for the player to beat the hand of the dealer. In this game players can have up to five hands at the same time and they also have the option to set a varying bet range across them all. Whilst the actual bet range depends on the casino that is hosting the game, usually this is a game that appeals to all from complete novices to experienced high rollers.

How the game works: features

According to the Blackjack game rules the aim is for players to land a hand that is higher than the dealer’s however their hand must add up to 21 or lower. Player’s begin by choosing the amount that they want to bet, in this version of the game the minimum is 1 and the maximum 50. Players can choose to play anything from one to five hands at once and when the player is ready, they press deal and the game begins.

There are a number of options open to players when the game is in play, and these are as follows. When the player wants to place their bet, they click on the chip that shows the value they have chosen to bet and place this on the table. When the player is ready to start a new round, they just click on the deal icon.

Should the player wish they have the option to double their initial bet at any time during hand by activating the x2 button, and the Reset button is used to cancel all of the bets the player has placed. The game begins when the dealer gives the player two cards which are laid face down on the table. The dealer then deals their own cards however one is face down and the other is face up. Once the player has looked at their cards, they can proceed with any of the following options. If they choose the hit button, they will be dealt an additional card, if they choose the stand button, they are signalling that they do not want any further cards.

There is the option for the player to use the Even money button which pays 1:1 and this would be used if the player has 21 and the dealer’s card showing is an Ace, if the player does not activate the even money and the dealer gets an Ace the player loses their money. If the player decides that they do not want to continue with the hand they have the option to fold, by holding the player will recover half of the amount bet. The player can choose the insurance option in case the dealer is showing an Ace and the player does not have 21, the insurance costs the player one half of the bet and pays out at 2:1 if the dealer has Blackjack.


Blackjack has a standard game play meaning once you have played and know the few rules you will know for life how it works. There are a number of choices available to players which we will look at shortly and players should know that there are no side bets, jackpots, bonus rounds or other features with this game.



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