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blackjack-high-gameBlackjack High Overview

One of the most popular table game in the whole world is Blackjack which is also known as “21”. The very first ever reference made to the game was by a Spanish literary giant and thanks to the gaming developers at Playson you have the opportunity to play it for yourself.

The whole point of the game Blackjack is to beat the hand held by the dealer without your cards adding up to more than 21. Bet and Payout information Blackjack High is a table game for the serious high rollers as the minimum bet is £50.00 per hand with the maximum being £500.00, making this not a game for the fainthearted. The RTP (return to player) stands at 99.67% with the game classed as low when it comes to volatility. The maximum amount a player can win in a single hand is x4 of their bet.

Game symbols

Blackjack High is of superior design and Playson have modelled their version on the classic European rules. This means that the game is played using 6 decks of 52 cards which are automatically shuffled at the beginning of every round. Blackjack High is available to play on both desktop and mobile with the only difference being the number of hands that players can choose. The desktop version gives them the choice of five whereas the mobile option is just three.

Blackjack High Features

Blackjack High has a screen footprint that is displayed in 1280x720 pixels and is made up of three areas which are the video display area, the game panel and the information panel. The video display area is where the main table is displayed, and this will disappear when the player opens the options menu. The game panel can be found at the bottom of the table and this shows how much credit the player has in their account and also how much they have bet and won.

The information panel is also known as the keypad area and this can be found to the right and left of the video display area, and dependent on how far into the game the player is they can use the deal, hit, stand, split, double, accept even money, or buy insurance. The Game The whole purpose of the game s for the player to gain a higher hand than the dealer without exceeding the limit of 21. The player starts by placing their bet and then they press the deal button and the game begins.

The player is dealt two cards which are face down and the dealer also has two cards however one of which is face up. From here the player has a number of choices they can make to try and get their cards to add up to 21. If the player wishes to have an additional card, they use the hit button, if they want to double their bet, they use the x2 button the cancel button is used to cancel the last bet and the reset button cancels all of the bets that are placed.

If the player is happy with their hand and doesn’t want to do anything further, they choose the stand button. The player chooses to stand automatically if their hand totals 21, if the players hand exceeds 21, they go bust meaning their hand loses. If the player and dealer have the same value hand it is a tie and the bet s returned to the player.


In Blackjack High players have the opportunity to play with the sound on or off and they can also speed up the game by playing in the Quickspin mode. The rules of the game can be accessed by clicking on the Rules located in the game panel section.



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