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SoftwareRed Tiger Gaming

classic-blackjack-red-tigerClassic Blackjack by Red Tiger Gaming Overview

Players will be pleased to find out that although the title may conjure up images of fierce big cats, there are no wild animals waiting to jump out on them! The Red Tiger reference is just the way the developers wanted to pay homage to their company that have produced this excellent blackjack game which has quickly become the centrepiece in the company’s portfolio.

How to choose the right online game

Picking an online game to play can be a very difficult decision to make simply because of the vast number of games to tempt you. However, I hope that my review will be all the help you need as I have identified a number of things that you should take on board before you make your decision. In this review I will look at the gaming rules and specifics as well as the audio and visual parts of the game.

It has been said that a picture can speak a thousand words and there are not enough words to provide an accurate interactive experience that is Red Tiger’s online Blackjack. However, rather than taking the time to find this out I suggest you use the magic of the internet and play the free demo version which will provide you with all the information you need to know and show you exactly how the game works.


Blackjack from Red Tiger follows the usual standard blackjack rules which is a good thing after all it is a tried and tested format. The dealer begins by dealing two cards to each player from a newly shuffled eight decks, the dealer then places his cards with one face up and one face down. Players are then offered the choice to either hit (get another card), stand (stick with the cards they have) or double. If the dealer’s card that is face up is an Ace players are given the opportunity to take out insurance and doing so will protect your money if the dealer has blackjack.

Classic BlackJack Features

Once you have decided whether or not to take the insurance the dealer will take a look at his/her card to see whether they have blackjack or not, if they have the game ends. If, however the player has blackjack they will be rewarded with a 3:2 ratio. If no one has the magical 21 players, then choose to hit or stand. When all the players have made their decision the dealer then shows their hand, but the dealer must hit (get another card) if their cards add up to 16 or stand if they have cards that total 17.


Ok, so the rules of Blackjack from Red Tiger are not particularly special there are a number of things that stand out in this game. The superb animations of the cards are really classic, and they are dealt precisely with a gentle sweeping motion. Unlike the majority of blackjack games this game is played out on a stunning and classy red table rather than the vibrant green felt version.

The soundtrack also adds an extra touch of class with the smooth jazz piano music and the quiet voices in the background accentuate and provide a total and honest ambience that one would expect to find in any luxury casino. The RTP (return to player) for this game of blackjack is over 99% which is incredibly high when it comes to online casino games although slightly lower than other blackjack games that are available.

SoftwareRed Tiger Gaming


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