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roulette-with-track-lowRoulette with Track Low Introduction

Roulette with Track Low is a fabulous take on the hugely popular table game of roulette. From the gaming developers at Playson, this is a game that will delight and give players hours of fun and fingers crossed some good winnings too. Designed in a way that is really easy for everyone to understand from beginners to experienced players and is complete with a stunning design, clear and concise table and also history tables.

General information and symbols

Roulette with Track Low is a table game that offers players a great bet range that starts from just £1.00 and up to a maximum of £100.00 per chip. The value of the chips is £1, £2, £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100. The return to player stands at 97.30% and the maximum pay out players can win is capped at four times their bet.

Roulette with Track Low gives players the option to play for free which is perfect for those that have never played the game as they get to practice the game before betting any of their own money. Game features As soon as players begin Roulette with Track Low, they will see the exceptional design and aesthetics and it is complete with all of the standard bet options that players will expect and are available in rival table games.

Players also have the opportunity to use inside and outside bets together with the other bet types. When it comes to players placing their bets there is an effective yet simple bet highlighting and messages which hover above the players mouse to help players to place their bets. It is this assistance that confirms what bets have been placed and subsequently also informs them if they have exceeded the table or bet limit.

The Game Roulette with track flows in such a way that players are treated to all of the advantages of a land based bricks and mortar casino and an online experience. The player gets to place their chips on the roulette table in the same way they would in an actual roulette table whilst also having the opportunity to modify or move their bets with a simple click of a button.

How to play at Roulette with Track Low: features

When it comes to playing Roulette with Track each round follows an identical sequence which we have shown in the steps below: 1. The player gets an invitation to place their bets. 2. The player chooses and places their bets. 3. Once the player has placed their bets, they proceed to press the spin button to get the round underway.

The total value of the bets that have been placed are then withdrawn from the player’s credit balance and the ball is released onto the spinning roulette wheel. 4. As soon as the ball stops into one of the slots, the winning number is announced, and any winning bets get paid out. Bets There are a number of ways that players can choose to bet, from inside or outside bets, racetrack bets or a combination of them all. The inside and outside bets are made with the player putting their chips directly onto the gaming table.

Racetrack bets are made by opening the racetrack and placing the chips on the selected areas, when the player choses a bet in the racetrack they have to open the track and place their chips on the selected areas that they want to bet on.


I have never played roulette in my life and had no idea of the rules or the workings of the game, admittedly I had watched others play but can categorically say that even then I didn’t have a clue! Roulette with Track Low from Playson is an excellent way to learn whilst you play as it is laid out in a really easy to understand way. The game is beautifully presented, and I can truthfully say a joy to play. I am not going to pretend that I won lots but I can say that I will definitely be playing it in future.



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