2 Gods Zeus Vs Thor

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Introducing 2 Gods Zeus Vs Thor

Throughout history there have been some epic clashes such as Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader, Rocky vs Apollo Creed, and Predator vs Alien, but there is no battle bigger than the 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor. This creation comes courtesy of the independent developers at 4ThePlayer. In this slot you have two of the biggest giants in history come face to face in the Pantheon where they will square up in this new slot that is complete with new mechanics and features. When a developer chooses one god as a theme for their game they have to go really big, so how do 4ThePlayer cope with all of the power from two gods? Read on to find out.

It is Zeus vs Thor

2 Gods Zeus vs Thor has been released under the Yggdrasil Gaming YGS Master program and plays out on 5-reels with a grid that provides a massive 2,048 ways to win and this grid is divided into two separate zones. On the left is the lightening god Zeus whilst the right side is dedicated to the Thunder god Thor. This is a truly monumental scene and it is no wonder that the developers have opted for a serious tone as anything else would simply not be suitable.

Game Play

The first thing that I am sure you will notice is that this slot features two separate spin buttons, one red and one blue. The red represents Zeus and the blue represents Thor. This feature has been named the dual spin mechanic, and players get to choose which button they use. The red Greek symbol pays from left to right whereas the blue Norse symbols pay from right to left. With this type of pay both ways mechanic the pay lines are effectively doubled, therefore there is 1,024 ways for the red to win starting from the reel furthest on the left and 1,024 ways for the blue to win from the reel furthest right.
Although the whole set up may leave you slightly bewildered you will quickly get into the swing of things. In a nutshell if the colour of the winning combination is a match with the coloured button you have pressed you get double the winnings. If you hit the red button but it is the blue button that you get 1x the win but if the symbols and button you push match it is 2x the win. The best thing with this is that you get the regular win value of the symbol combinations or double it, and you never lose a win even if the button colour is wrong, there is also a history of the winning colours shown just below the reels in the roulette style which may help you to make your prediction.


This developer does tend to have low stakes when compared with their competitors with the maximum bet set at just £20 per spin. This slot caters for beginners and those with a limited budget as the minimum bet is set at 10p per spin. The slot provides some solid numbers in terms of statistics which includes the return to player that stands at 96.5% and it also averages out a hit frequency which works out to be one in four spins. The developers at 4ThePlayer tend to try and attract the core end of the gaming market by ensuring that their free casino slot games offer a high volatile math model and this slot is no exception.


As stated earlier there are two pay symbol groups which are red for the Greeks and blue for the Norsemen. Both groups of symbols are made up of three letters or rune stones for the low payers and then boats, helms, goddesses, and mythical styled hounds. The goddess is the most valuable and will reward you with 7x your stake if you land five on a line and this amount drops as far as 1.2x for the lower paying symbols. This is all set out on the pay table should you wish to check this out.
In the same way as everything in this slot comes in pairs the wilds do too. The wilds are represented by a blue Thor and a red Zeus. Both wilds can substitute for their respective coloured pay symbols or pay you up to 10x your stake if you get lucky and land five wilds in a combination.


2 Gods Zeus vs Thor offers some excellent feature and as well as the dual spin feature there is a feature of win spins that you can activate by landing three or more scatters. However, this process is not quite as straight forward as it may sound. If you get 2 or 3 scatters that match the coloured button you have chosen you are rewarded with 10-win spins and if not, you are rewarded with 7.
In the way the title of the feature suggests you are guaranteed a win with every Win Spin in the same way as you can in several competitor games. The Win Spin feature also provides a progressive Win Spin Multiplier that begins at x1 and increases by x1 each time the winning symbol and the button you have chosen match.
You can reactivate the Win Spins and landing a further three would add an additional 7 or 10 extra Win Spins to your remaining amount with no actual limits.


There is no doubt that 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor is another 4ThePlayer slot that deviates away from what is considered normal, with the Dual Spin mechanic continuing to drive the studio's focus on player input. Whether or not the Dual Spin excites you it is interesting when any developer runs with something new. As a company 4ThePlayer are keeping under the radar but they are clearly striving to rise above this, and they are not happy trying to ride along on the success of others. If I had to be critical the roulette style tracker is a nice touch but adds not actual purpose as whether you win or not is down actual luck and has no bearing on what happens in your next spin. As the slot currently stands, the Dual Spin mechanic may struggle if it is rolled out in future slots purely because it will not be unique. But for now, it serves the purpose of the two gods battling perfectly. Despite this, this is clearly a clever innovation that will give you quite a thrill when you land a win and it is immediately doubled.

This is even more useful during the Wins Spins as you have the additional benefit of increasing the win spin multiplier when you choose the correct colour. The multiplier, combined with the wins spins that you can reactivate provides you with a potential of 15,630x your bet, and just for the record, Win Spins are supposed to reactivate after every 185 spins.
Yet again this developer has created an original slot that works and does not feel as though it is trying to be anything that it is not. You may find the visuals a little bland, but I would recommend giving the reels a spin even if it is just to see the epic battle between the two great Gods.

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