Airdice is a well-known name among online gambling enthusiasts, and for good reason. This group has been operating in the iGaming market since 2005 and has since established several satellite brands to cater to the evolving needs of the industry. The result is a diverse and highly appealing selection of games for players. Join us as we explore which Airdice free slots are most popular among gamblers and what we can expect from their online offerings.

NetEnt in short
Statutory SeatFinland
Year of Release2005
Average RTP of Slots 96%
Game ModeFree
Types of GamesVideo Slot, Table Games
Licence MGA
Most Played Slots Neon Shifter Spirit Sisters


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The first product edited by Airdice were the games based on the use of dice. However, we are talking about online games, those intended for virtual casinos which have experienced a dizzying development in recent years. Originally, Airdice was a company, founded in Helsinki by Peter, Sami & Teemu, specializing in dice games for the Belgian market. Today Airdice is a group made up of various brands that embrace the iGaming market at 360 degrees, creating products that set trends with their innovative features and cutting-edge graphics.

Airdice was born in 2005, in a period that we can define as pioneering for online gambling, and it is for this reason that we can rightly say that the founding members had a very forward-looking view on those what would be the future developments. At the time it was evident that the iGaming market was ready for further developments in the real money sector, and Airdice managed to enter among the emerging realities to become today one of the “great old” you can count on for the quality and reliability of the games, but also for its capacity for continuous innovation. Today there are three different branches of the group: Airdice, Dice Crafter and Probability Jones.

Dice Crafter

Dice Crafter is much younger than Airdice, in fact it was founded in 2014. Its headquarters is in Finland, and although its life under the current name is quite short, in reality its team comes from the long experience gained with another famous online game company, the LudoCraft studios. The developed products belong to the most diverse categories, and make use of many different professionals who always contribute to creating cutting-edge products, highly competitive on the iGaming market but also pure entertainment and education.

Probability Jones

Probability Jones is the brand born in 2016 that mainly deals with the Anglo-Saxon market, and in fact its flagship product is the Scratch Games which are particularly loved by the British public. In the catalog of its games, however, there are also slot machines and table games, all of very high quality.

To complete the picture, we must also mention Bingo Booster and NRM. The first is a production studio which, as its name suggests, mainly deals with Bingo games, offering various solutions both online and in gaming halls. NRM in turn deals with Bingo games, and is mainly focused on the Anglo-Saxon market.

The Airdice catalog

If we consult its portfolio we find Bingo and dice games, Keno and Lottery Slots, Scratch cards, table games and finally slot machines. In this list, slot machines might seem to be the most traditional products of all, but each of them has some great peculiarities that make Airdice titles immediately easily recognizable compared to those of studios competitors.

Before analyzing the characteristics of Airdice slots in more detail, let’s point out some of the aspects that all the games in the group have in common. The first is their safety. In fact, we are talking about titles certified by some of the most important independent laboratories in the world, such as GLI and BMM. What these studies are concerned with verifying are the IT protocols used, which must ensure maximum transparency of each game and therefore of the distribution of winnings. This is in fact crucial for real money games. The safety of Airdice products is also confirmed by the fact that the group holds the certifications of many global legislations, including those of Belgium, the United Kingdom and Malta.

The second aspect is the usability of the games. All are made using the Html5 programming language, which allows you to use every single Airdice title on both mobile and fixed devices. This means that with the slots we offer on this page you can play both your smartphone and your desktop computer, without any problems with respect to the operating system used or the navigation browser adopted.

The Airdice Group presents the 5 most popular slot games among all those hosted in its portfolio. Let’s talk about Neon Shifter, Wandering Devourer, Light in the Dark, Fruit Shifter and 24k Gold Reels. If we want to immediately get an idea of ​​the quality of Airdice’s work, all we have to do is analyze the main characteristics of these titles, which are really good examples of what this software provider can do.

Neon e Fruit Shifter

Neon Shifter and Fruit Shifter already reveal a common peculiarity in their name. We are faced with two slots that, at first glance, might seem like classic fruit slots. In fact, if we go to open their paytables, we see that there are fruits and other classic symbols of bar slots. The first common curiosity is the style adopted. In the case of Neon Shifter the icons are drawn as if they were neon signs. In the case of Fruit Shifter we find exotic fruits such as dragon fruit and mango, mostly drawn not in a realistic way but as if they were large fruit salad cubes. So we can immediately find a first stylistic hallmark of Airdice: the ability to renew tradition.

Then there is to talk about the shifting mechanism, which is a prerogative of Airdice products and of the two slots we are talking about. Shifting is an interesting innovation that allows the player to take control of his game every time he manages to make a winning combination. In essence, it is possible to “shuffle” the reels together until other possibilities of winning combinations are identified that can be totaled. This is really a small, big revolution, given that the slot, a game that traditionally is entrusted to mere chance, becomes, albeit partially, manipulated by the player at will.

Top Five Slots Airdice

Then there is another example of how Airdice is able to offer a completely new twist to even the most classic bar slot. In fact, there is no other way to define 24k Gold Reels which, unlike Neon and Fruit Shifter, has such traditional graphics that you can’t do more. We find cherries, grapes, lemons, numbers 7, bells and BAR symbols. The grid is 5×3 and the paylines are 10. But the gameplay couldn’t be anything more distant from the classic bar slots, since it features the Gold Wheel , a very special Wheel of Fortune that can give prizes and jackpots and also the intriguing Mystery Games.

Wandering Devourer, on the other hand, is a completely different slot from the ones we have already described to you, as the sun, moon, stars and planets appear on its paytable. The basic story takes inspiration from an ancient prophecy that speaks of a destroyer who will devour everything, once the end times come, and which according to many could be a celestial body similar to a black hole. The Wandering Devourer in the slot of the same name is a symbol that acts as a Wild, which moves from position to position and has an increasing multiplier. His presence during the Free Spins significantly increases the chances of winning.

Finally, the graphic style that Airdice decided to adopt in Light in the Dark is certainly enchanting, which is nothing if not an immersion in the darkest depths of the sea. Over there there are myriads of luminescent jellyfish which are the symbols that populate the paytable of this slot. In addition to the undeniable aesthetic grace of the game, what is striking is the scheme adopted, which initially is 4×4 but which can be increased, by virtue of an unprecedented mechanism, up to having as many as 8 reels, with a number of ways to win that can reach 65,536.

Airdice slots are beautiful, engaging and always original, and you can try them in the Demo version that you find on this page.

Airdice FAQs

What is Airdice?

Airdice is the name of a group that produces slots, table games and other games such as Bingo and Keno.

Which brands are part of Airdice?

Airdice is made up of Air Dice, Dice Crafter and Probability Jones, and Bingo Booster and NRM who are in charge of Bingo.

What are the top 5 Airdice slots?

Le top slot di Airdice sono Neon Shifter, Wandering Devourer, Light in the Dark, Fruit Shifter e 24k Gold Reels.

What are the features of Airdice slots?

Airdice slots have an average RTP of 96%, are compatible with both mobile and fixed devices and are certified by the world's leading laboratories.

Can I play Airdice slots for real money?

Yes, this slots are available in real money version after registering in online casinos, and free in this page where they are in Demo version.


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