August Gaming slots has fine graphics and good playability without being over the top. They optimize for a good user experience, as the games are available on mobile devices. August Gaming is no novice in the world of online slots, and the chances are that you've enjoyed at least one of their games if you're a lover of online slot machines. There are loads to love about August Gaming. They offer exciting game themes while varying the gaming mechanics to make the games more appealing to various types of players. 

August Gaming

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A glance at the company’s website, and you’ll notice that it boasts a combined 50-plus years of gaming experience in the social gaming and iGaming sectors. Unlike many other companies, August Gaming creates and develops its games and makes them available directly to online casinos and platforms. 

August Gaming Overview

Despite its relatively short existence, it has provided a lot of competition, leading to various online casinos pushing for top-quality gaming content from a vast range of software providers. Previously, there has been a considerable gap in the market between the software providers and the online casinos aiming to attract (especially Asian players) players to their online platforms. August Gaming identified this gap and sought to fill it with its revolutionary gaming entertainment solutions. The company also aims to enhance the player’s user experience by making all their games available on mobile devices. As indicated on the company’s website, “Gaming. Anytime. Anywhere.” That means you can play any of August Gaming’s online casino slot machines almost anywhere on your mobile device. 

History of August Gaming

August Gaming is still a relatively new gaming company. Created in 2015, it had one sole purpose: to become the go-to place for premier entertainment content. The way to achieve this is to deliver a truly innovative online casino experience to the iGaming market in Asia. That partly explains why most of the games in the company’s portfolio are Asian-themed. Even with a relatively shorter existence, August Gaming has grown into a recognized industry brand, with a market growing considerably over the years. 

August Gaming Slot Machines

A major feature of this company’s slot games has to do with basic animations highlighting each win. Rather than witnessing different slot characters coming to life, you’ll only see symbols flash in and out. Another major feature of August Gaming is easily the great graphics and good playability they offer. However, if you’re a fan of absorbing animations and 3D graphics, you might not be too impressed with the gaming slots on August Gaming’s portfolio. The reason is that every release the company has made up till now is designed with 2D graphics you’ll consider as flat. The hallmark of this company is its willingness to be better and innovative, as they have successfully experimented with various game matrices and different structures. August Gaming also provides a panel where you can click to spin the reels, adjust the size of your bets, and see the number of coins you win with every spin. 

August Gaming portfolio

At the moment, there is very little info available about the company’s current location or its staff strength. You can be sure that August Gaming has a highly experienced and talented team, which shows in the company’s ever-increasing portfolio. As mentioned earlier, August Gaming’s market has grown considerably, resulting in several online casino options springing up for players to choose from. The company recognizes that different players look for various things in online slots. This is the reason behind an attempt by the company to diversify its portfolio. 

You’ll currently find games like Fortune Luck and 5 Blessings, which offer a significant shift from the primarily Asian-themed games the company is known for. Asian-themed slots dominate the company’s portfolio, with 15 out of the 17 slots currently released taking inspiration from the Far East’s history, mystic, beliefs, and traditions. For instance, you’ll find the red color dominating most of the themes together with symbols that reflect or represent good luck.

August Gaming FAQs

What should I know about August Gaming?

August Gaming specializes in developing amazing online video slots.

What is the August Gaming audience?

August Gaming initially targeted Asian players, but the general online slots gaming community enjoys their games.

What is original about their slot games?

A majority of them are Asian-themed and reflect the rich cultures and traditions of the Far Eastern communities. August Gaming also creates and develops its gains and makes them available to online platforms.


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