3 Treasures

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Slot Details
SoftwareAugust Gaming
Demo ModeOn
Free spins Yes
Wild Yes
Most valuable symbol Crab
Min. Bet 0.25 demo coin
Max Bet. 1000 demo coin
TAGS Latest

Overview of 3 Treasures Slot

3-treasures-slot3 Treasures takes inspiration from the theoretical foundations of Chinese medicine. You're probably wondering how that makes for an engaging online slot experience. August Gaming, the creators of the 3 Treasures slot, used the Theory of Three Treasures as the basis of this online slot. According to Chinese tradition, it is believed that the spirits of Shen (spirit), Qi (energy), and Jing (essence) hold the secret to long life, health, and happiness

August Gaming has changed it by using representations of sea creatures instead of depicting the three spirits as symbols on the reels. So, what you have instead are sea creatures that will help you increase and sustain your wealth, and that's just what you hope for when you play the 3 Treasures slot game. 

It is pretty easy to find several slot games that come with tunes you'll want to keep out of your head. Fortunately, that's not the case with 3 Treasures. The moment you begin to load your 3 Treasures, you'll be treated to an oriental tune that you'll most definitely find soothing, and don't be surprised to find yourself nodding to the tune while your game loads.

For the design, August Gaming stuck with the same style as its existing slot machines. So, there's no surprise here. Like the slot tune, the game's background design maintains the typical oriental look. You'll find the red color dominant in various shades, which is understandable, as red stands for good luck in Chinese culture

3-treasures-symbol1August Gaming is giving you the chance to increase your wealth with the help of the three sea creatures and special Fu baby appearance. There are about 243 different approaches you can use in your gameplay to win. Like most players, when you spin the 3 Treasures, your ultimate goal is to enjoy massive wins to give your balance the needed boost. But if you're trying to aim too high, you should be fine with just maintaining your current balance while you enjoy the gaming experience of spinning the reels. 

However, no matter what your ambitions are when playing the 3 Treasure slot games, August Gaming has offered you numerous betting options to choose from. For instance, you can choose to spin the reels at a minimum of 0.25 credits for every spin. But if you can afford it, you have the option to increase your stake to up a whopping 2,500 credits for every spring. As they say, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Just be sure that you take the time to understand basic bankroll management before you decide to play for actual cash. 


3-terasures-symbol3As mentioned earlier, August Gaming replaced the three spirits with sea creatures instead of having them as symbols on the reels. So, what are these creatures, and what do they stand for? This exciting 5-reeled video slot uses creatures like crabs, fish, and shrimps

While the crabs mostly appear to pinch the demons, you'll also find the fish swimming to the reels to deliver the good luck you need. The shrimps appear to give you mental and physical strength. There's a pretty cute Fu baby that sort of teams up with the three sea creatures in an attempt to increase your wealth with every spin you make. You might also want to pay attention to two special symbols - a scatter and a wild symbol, which can appear at different reels of this online slot. 


August Gaming attempts to display China's rich traditions through this simple game. The game's payout is nothing to complain about, as you can earn up to about 100 times more than you placed in your line bet when you match the sets of 9, 10, Q, or J symbols. Also, whenever you manage to match A and K symbols successfully, you can earn mouthwatering wins up to 200 times the amount you placed. 


3 Treasures is the highest-paying online slot August Gaming has released so far. Its attractive features and the creativity behind it make each game experience more than worth it. 

3 Treasures FAQs

How much can I make from 3 Treasures?

You can earn from 100 to 1000 times the amount you placed.

What is the most amount I can place on a spin?

You can place up to 2,500 credits per spin.

What is the least amount I can place per spin?

Like most August Gaming online slots, you can place as little as 0.25 credits per spin.

Can I earn real money playing 3 Treasures?

You can play for real money, but you need to understand basic bankroll management before proceeding.

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