Empress Dowager Cixi

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Slot Details
SoftwareAugust Gaming
Demo ModeOn
Most valuable symbol Naval ship
Min. Bet 0.25 demo coins
Max Bet. 2.500 demo coins
Free spins Yes
TAGS Latest

empress-dowager-cixi-slotFancy a trip back in time? Then allow the Empress Dowager Cixi video slot to take you back to the late Qing dynasty. Before going any further, a quick history lesson is needed to help you better understand the Empress Dowager Cixi video slot. 

Chinese history is home to some of the most controversial figures that walked the surface of the earth. One of such figures is Cixi, who ruled ancient China for about 47 years. For many people, this powerful woman (yes, a woman) helped modernize China, while others saw her as nothing more than an authoritarian leader. With this at the back of your mind, let's take a closer look at the Empress Dowager Cixi video slot


If you've played any of August Gaming's video slots, then you're probably aware by now that they specialize in making slot machines that come with Asian themes. Empress Dowager Cixi slot follows the same (or a similar) theme. The game takes its players on a ride that is nothing short of a rollercoaster. As mentioned earlier, Cixi divided opinions as an empress. This action-packed slot gives you the chance to decide for yourself or make up your own opinion about this powerful ruler. The game ushers you through the privileged life Cixi lived while you discover her love for boats, silk clothing, and her dogs. 


empress-dowager-cixi-symbol1Empress Dowager Cixi's online slot comes with 14 symbols represented on the game's paytable, and eight symbols out of the 14 are related to the theme. These symbols celebrate the luxurious lifestyle of Cixi.

Each symbol comes with a story. First, a gun symbol represents Cixi's attempt to use magic against western guns. There are also scrolls, which depict the empress' war tactics. You'll also find round-hand fans, a naval ship, groomed dogs, and jade vases that offer various winning rewards. The round hand fans have lotus flowers printed on them, which represent the scatter symbol.


The purpose of the game is pretty simple. If you manage to get to her good side, Cixi will open up her world of riches to you and present you with wealth beyond your wildest dreams through an attractive payout. She will also usher you through various parts of her stunning summer palace. However, if you get on her bad side, it's safe to say that you'll find yourself agreeing with her harshest critics. 

empress-dowager-cixi-symbolThere are several chances available to increase how much you earn as you play, and you can secure your wins in about 243 different ways. With as little as 0.25 credits, you can start working your way to the heart of the charming empress and have a chance to experience an elite society. But if your pockets are deep enough, why waste too much time to enjoy the finest things? Play for a high credit limit of 2,500 for every spinYour main objective is to receive an invitation to the Summer Palace by collecting at least three of Cixi's round hand fans. When you manage to land at least three of the scatter symbols on reels consecutively during a single spin, you will activate a free game feature. 

When you match a set of 9,10, Q, or J symbols, you will receive up to 100 times your bet line. You can double this by lining up A or K symbols. The scrolls will shoot you up 300 times when you line them up, and the groomed dogs and jade vases offer up to 800 times in prizes. Whenever a naval ship appears on the reels, you can collect up to 3,500 times in prizes, and a winning combo involving the Summer Palace will earn you up to 1000 times in rewards. 


Empress Dowager Cixi is an Asian-themed online slot based on a sovereign female ruler immortalized onto the reels. And just like she rose to supreme leadership in real life, Cixi will determine whether the player gets to experience or enjoy epic wins.


Empress Dowager Cixi FAQs

Is Empress Dowager Cixi good?

Although the empress divided attention, the online slot offers a great gaming experience.

Where can I play Empress Dowager Cixi slot?

You can enjoy a free game on many online casinos and slots platforms.

What is the most and least amount of credits I can place?

You can place up to 2,500 credits and as little as 0.25 credits.

What is the betting range to play Empress Dowager Cixi?

Players can bet from 0.25 demo coins to 2.500 demo coins.

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