Mythical Fire Qilin

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Slot Details
SoftwareAugust Gaming
Demo ModeOn
Free spins Yes
Respin Yes
Wild Yes
Most valuable symbol Lion
Min. Bet 0.50 demo coin
Max Bet. 5000 demo coin
TAGS Latest

Mythical Fire Qilin Slots Overview

mythical-fire-qilin-slotWhen you’re browsing all of the different available slots out there, it’s hard to pick a favourite. They’re often decorated and themed in different ways, which is where the Mythical Fire Qilin slots shine. It won’t take many rolls to pull you in more, and this slot’s mechanics can be very fun to try out.

It’s always nice to have interesting twists that help you win more money when you’re playing on the slots, and that’s why you should consider giving these particular slots a try yourself. On top of that, if you’re looking for a smooth experience while using the slots, then look no further. If there’s one thing that can have a negative impact on the experience, it’s poor graphics and slow websites.

We often see folklore and mythology used for all kinds of purposes, some are more known, and some like the Mythical Fire Qilin are much less heard of. August Gaming has done a splendid job of portraying the eyecatching visuals and area in which the game is set.

You’ll find the colours and design to be both relaxing and enticing, making the experience of playing the game overall quite pleasing. The visuals also aid to make the spinning of the reels to be even more intense, and when you win it can be a satisfying experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.


mythical-fire-qilin-symbol1When you spin the reels, you’ll find that you’re familiar with a lot of what the machine has, with a few extras that you might not have seen. The typical card symbols are still present, and on top of that, the Qilin will be represented by a guardian lion. You’ll also want to look out for the hatching Qilin egg, as that can pay a maximum of 40x your bet! That’s just to list a few, and you can also expect to see golden fish, mountains, statues, or even turtles. The more symbols, the higher the stakes, and the more you could win.

It’s always nice to find a game that has its own unique rules and twists on what you’re used to, it’s refreshing and exciting. That’s why the Mythical Fire Qilin slots do their best to provide you with a unique experience. With 50 fixed paylines, there are ample possibilities in which you can win.


So what’s different with this slot game? Well, with the mechanic that the Mythical Fire Qilin, you can expect to see it make a huge difference in your experience. If you manage to find a Qilin during your spin, there’s a chance it can transform into an expanding wild symbol. With that, you get the chance to have another go at spinning the reels completely free; meaning you’ve got more chance at landing a winning spin.

mythical-fire-qilin-symbolYou’ll also be glad to know that there’s a huge bracket in which you can bet your winnings. Whether you’re looking for huge returns, or just want to test the waters. Your bet can be anything from 0.50 credits, all the way up until 5000 credits - meaning it’s completely up to you as to how intense you want the game to be.

In conclusion

With all of the different slots out there, it’s refreshing to see something that takes a different spin on what’s already available. The Mythical Fire Qilin slot game sets out to deliver a new experience without straying too far from what people are already used to. It’s important to maintain the personality of slots while delivering a new and exciting experience. With all of the new possibilities that this slot offers, it’s hard to deny playing a few spins.

Mythical Fire Qilin FAQs

Do I need to download Mythical Fire Qilin slot?

No, you don’t need to download this game, it’s handled entirely within the browser - unlike many online games.

Do I need to pay to play Mythical Fire Qilin?

If you want to win real money, you’re going to need to put in what you’ve got. Alternatively, you don’t need to spend a penny if you would like to give the game a try for yourself beforehand.

What is a payline?

Payline is something that you would have seen mentioned in a number of slot games, and it’s the combination of symbols that pays money if you were to land them. The more possible paylines, the more combinations there are available to you to win from.

What is the betting range for Mythical Fire Qilin?

You can bet from 0.50 demo coins to 5000 demo coins.

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