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avia-masters-gameSet off on a high-flying adventure with Avia Masters, a thrilling slot game from BGaming that provides slot enthusiasts with a classic arcade gaming style with multipliers that make the game enjoyable for all gamers.

Featuring unique features, excellent design and the potential for sky-high wins, Avia Masters is a slot game that blends classic mechanics with a fresh and modern approach.

Avia Masters Overview

BGaming breaks away from traditional slot design, offering players a fresh and exciting gaming experience in Avia Masters.

This high-stakes aerial adventure pushes the boundaries of what players expect from online casino games. Unlike traditional slots, there are no fixed paylines. Instead, players control an aircraft's journey across the screen, encountering multipliers and obstacles along the way.

With a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum of 1,000, Avia Masters welcomes all players, from casual gamers to high rollers, looking for an exciting game with the potential for big wins.

However, one big positive of Avia Master is the game's impressive RTP of 97.00%. This high RTP suggests that players can expect frequent regular wins when playing this slot.

Furthermore, the game's maximum win potential is 250x the bet, which may seem modest compared to other games. However, this is balanced by the game's unique gameplay mechanics and frequent win opportunities.

Avia Masters introduces an original gameplay mechanic that allows players to set the pace of their aircraft and watch as it soars through the sky.

The flight path is randomised, adding an element of unpredictability to each round. Players must navigate their aircraft through different multipliers and rockets, aiming to land safely on the next aircraft carrier for a payout.

Theme and Symbols

BGaming has created an immersive and visually appealing gaming environment with Avia Masters.

The game is set against a backdrop of the open sea, with aircraft carriers serving as landing platforms for the player's plane. With clouds drifting across the sky and the sea shimmering below, this casino slot game's attention to detail is impressive.

While Avia Masters doesn't feature traditional slot symbols, it does incorporate animated characters that enhance the game's aesthetics. The main elements players will encounter include aircraft, aircraft carriers, multipliers, and rockets.

The visual design of these characters is modern, with smooth animations that bring the aerial adventure to life. When the aircraft interacts with multipliers, there's a satisfying blue glow, indicating an increase in wins.

Conversely, collisions with rockets result in explosive animations, signalling a loss. The game's audio complements the visual elements perfectly, with sound effects that add tension to close calls with rockets or successful multiplier collections.

Avia Masters Features

Although Avia Masters lacks traditional bonus features, it incorporates unique functions that enhance its gameplay.

The Dynamic Flight Path ensures that the aircraft's trajectory is randomised in each round, guaranteeing that no two games are the same.

Multipliers are scattered along the flight path, including values like +1, +2, +5, +10, and x2, x3, x4, and x5. These multipliers not only boost potential payouts but also elevate the aircraft's altitude.

Furthermore, rockets, appearing randomly on the flight path, serve as obstacles. Colliding with a rocket halves the player's Counter Balance and lowers the plane's trajectory. The Counter Balance feature displays the current round balance above the aircraft, updating in real-time as the plane encounters multipliers and rockets.

The Autoplay Mode allows players to set a predetermined number of rounds and stop conditions for hands-free play. These stop conditions can include stopping on any win when a single win exceeds a specific amount or when the cash balance increases or decreases by a defined amount.

Speed Control is a feature that offers four-speed settings, enabling players to adjust the game's pace to their liking. The default speed is represented by a walking person, with options ranging from a tortoise (slowest) to lightning (fastest).

Finally, the Progress Dashboard provides dynamic indicators displaying the aircraft's altitude, distance travelled, and accumulated multipliers, offering players real-time updates on their progress.


Avia Masters is a breath of fresh air in the online casino sector. It offers a unique gaming style that players will thoroughly enjoy.

BGaming has created a game that stands out from the crowd with its innovative gameplay and attractive visual design.

The game's high RTP of 97.00% is a significant draw; players can get excellent value for their bets. While the maximum win potential of 250x might not appeal to jackpot hunters, the frequent win opportunities and engaging gameplay more than makeup for this.

Avia Masters' strong point is its accessibility and simple but engaging gameplay, which make it easy for new players to learn. Moreover, the ability to adjust game speed and use the autoplay feature allows players to tailor the experience to their preferences.

Overall, Avia Masters is highly recommended for players seeking something different from the usual online slot game.

Avia Masters FAQs

What is the RTP rate of Avia Masters?

The RTP rate of Avia Masters is 97.00%.

What is the theme of Avia Masters?

The theme of Avia Masters focuses on aerial combat.

What is the maximum win possible when playing Avia Masters?

The maximum win in Avia Masters is 250x the bet.

Does BGaming feature other similar game titles to Avia Masters?

BGaming has a portfolio of great slot games like Avia Masters, including Forty Fruity Million and Maneki 88 Gold.

Is Avia Masters available to play on mobile devices?

Yes, Avia Masters is optimised for mobile devices.



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