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Desert Treasure Slot Games

Desert Treasure is one of the latest releases from BGAMING and is set in a distant mystic land where the princesses are beautiful, and gold is in abundance. Truly inspired from the fantasy 1001 Nights where the treasure was hidden amidst the barren desert and players really could come across life changing experiences. So, if you are ready for an adventure keep with me so that you too can discover what treasures lie under the golden sands.


Visually, Desert Treasure is set amidst the arid desert, with a backdrop of barren landscape complete with rocks and sand. The sun is high in the sky and incredibly hot whilst the sky is clear and blue. The reels are set within a stunning stone frame that is complete with intricate carved stonework. The design suggests Islamic inspiration, and it is obvious that the developers have left no attention to detail go unfinished, all in all this is an immersive game which conjures up a great atmosphere.


When it comes to the soundtrack the music accompaniment has been kept to an absolute minimum, with the only sound players will hear being activated by the reels as they spin and from landing winning combinations. It is a shame that the developers didn’t spend more time in terms of the music as it tends to be generic and totally unrelated to the theme. There is no doubt that it is a shame about this as so much has been put into the visual appearance. To get the best from this slot players need to know the rules and the following will ensure that players have everything to make sure they have a fun and rewarding game.


Although players can expect standard game play there are a few options for them to choose from and therefore players will find that they do not have the freedom some of the competitor slots can offer. The game is played out over 5-reel and 9 pay lines which are a lot less than in more standard slot games. However, players are still able to choose how much they bet per line, starting from as low as 0.10 to a maximum of 1 coin, and then selecting their chosen number of pay lines by using the + and – buttons that are situated below the reels. Players can also use the coloured tabs that are on the side to adjust the number of active pay lines or to bet everything by clicking the maximum bet button. Then, when the player is ready click on the spin button and let the reels turn loose. The winning combinations pay from left to right when they make an appearance on any active pay line.


There is also an Auto spin feature that players can use to select a chosen number of uninterrupted spins played using the constant wager. Players just need to click on the corresponding button to setup the auto spin mode and the slot will then do all of the rest. Now players are equipped with the skills lets takes a look at the reel symbols.

Desert Treasure has eight basic symbols on the pay table, each of which are perfectly fitting with the theme. Instead of the usual card symbols the first five symbols are stunning and depict five gorgeously written Arabic letters that are created from a sandy coloured font. Although this doesn’t make the symbols any more valuable, they are the ones that players will generally come across. The final three symbols are the ones that every player will want to land as they are worth more than gold itself. Keep your eyes open for the Crossed Swords, Gold Coin or Oil Lamp.

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