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Fantasy Park Slots

We all have memories of our childhood tucked away in the corner of our minds, and it is these memories whether we like it or not that have carved a part of who we are and how we live. When asked we found that many people had the same common denominator which was the local fair, carnival and or park. If you look back now to these places, the sounds, sights and smells and they is no doubt that you will end up reminiscing in your memories for a time.

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How would you react if there was a more entertaining and better way to reminisce? Please don’t worry there is nothing underhand about to happen. However, Fantasy Park is a classic slot designed, developed and distributed by the software geniuses at BGAMING which takes players right to the middle of the Ferris wheels, rollercoasters, joyrides and a variety of street foods. The ride doesn’t stop here for players, if their luck is with them, they can win some true happiness here.

The first thing players should take on board when playing Fantasy Park is that they are in for the ride of their life, and if it all goes well, they will return to their guilty pleasures far sooner than they can possibly expect.

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Fantasy Park from BGAMING plays out over 5-reels and 9 fixed pay lines and although I prefer flexibility when it comes to the pay lines as this gives room for some factor of skill, this is different. Fantasy Park is different as it is aimed purely for its entertainment and not as a business proposition. Fantasy Park lets players bet one coin per line per spin with the real value of these coins being anything from one cent to one dollar and therefore this is a true penny slot in all sense of the word.

Carnivals and fairs have all traditionally been all about having fun even if it does mean spending a bit of money here and there. This slot is different as when players makes their bets there is a very good chance that they can win it back and some more to boot! The house edge is just 2.35% which is insignificant and when compared to similar slots there are very few that can beat this one and it is for this reason novice and beginners can feel at ease here.


Most of the regular symbols in Fantasy Park are face cards, however these are far from the regular cards. They have been designed well and blend seamlessly into the theme and unsurprisingly they all take their names from the various fun fair rides. Unfortunately, that is all there is as far as the regular symbols go, there is no doubt that they are the perfect way for players to recover their bets but if they are looking for the big profits then they must rely on the special symbols.

The biggest symbol is the Merry Clown who is the wild and can appear on all five of the reels and create combinations that involve 3 – 5 of the symbol and award players with 125, 750 and 5,000 coins respectively. If the player has chosen to use the maximum bet landing five wilds will see them $5,000 richer or more.

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The scatter however is not quite as rewarding, it is represented by the power tester and of players are lucky to land one add-on the tables may turn in their favour. Landing one super scatter anywhere on the screed will see the regular scatters morph into special scatters which can then double up and turn into expanding wilds. Two or more of the super scatters will unlock 10 free spins and even better all the special symbols can be reactivated during the free spins to.

Fantasy Park is the perfect way to lose an hour or two, it doesn’t need big bets and the chances of losing too much are very slim. The slot is jolly and fun although it would have been good if the pay outs were a little better.

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