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Lucky Blue Slot Machines

If you have ever felt like free falling into the ocean because your life at that moment has proven just too hard to handle? Want to feel weightless, free from worry? If you do, then Lucky Blue could be the slot for you. From the developers at BGAMING who are one of the leading slot developers based in Austria they have personified aquatic life and the way it relaxes and soothes people. The result of which is an effective, basic slot which gives beginners the opportunity to learn how slots work whilst harden slot players can put their skills to the test.


Lucky Blue plays out over 5- reels and 9 pay lines which are set amidst a huge blue background and provide a true feeling of coming back to slot basics. With this in mind, just immerse yourself in the marine life and when you finally come up for air you will hopefully be somewhat richer. It would be fair to say though that Lucky Blue has been highly influenced by the slot Great Blue that was released in 2010 by Playtech even so this is no reason why BGAMING should not be given the credit for this particular game.

One of the most favourable thing Lucky Blue offers is the fact that although the idea behind it is not unique BGAMING have managed to make this slot stand out thanks to its absurd graphics and a complement of both maturity and total childishness. As stated by Charles Darwin it really is true that the majority of people find a certain sense of peace and serenity when they are amidst deep blue surroundings and that is a psychological proven fact. Before you commit keep reading as it is advantageous to know a slot before you decide to begin playing it.

For the experienced player there is nothing in Lucky Blue that they will not have seen before, however those who are slot novices it is important that they understand the 9 pay lines are fixed and therefore a lot is left to chance and not really that much to the individual’s skill. The bet range is modest as this could easily be seen as a classic slot played for nickels. The highest bet per spin is set at 9 coins as in one coin on each of the pay lines. Obviously, because the bet level is low it would be unfair for players to think that they are going to make themselves hundreds of dollars, however who .


The symbols players can expect to come across when playing Lucky Blue are reminiscent of the creatures that can be found on the sea bed. There are the usual playing card symbols and aquatic cards such as turtles, starfish, crabs, and sea horses all of which are cute and quirky and will be the focus of the game a lot of the time. The highest paying symbols are the steel anchor and the crab. For some reason unbeknown to us, the developers have used a coin arrangement that is in binary order, for example landing five crabs would award 128 coins.


Lucky Blue hammers home the point that wilderness really does rule the entire planet and they sum this up perfectly with their incredibly special wild which is depicted by sunken chests of shiny bars of gold. The wilds are so powerful and can substitute for all of the symbols and double the rewards of every winning combinations made. Hold on though that’s not all, land five on five wilds and the result is a jackpot win of 5,000 coins which is outrageously generous considering the bet range and landing four on five will provide a win of 1,000 coins.

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