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Mechanical Orange Online Slot Game

A simple slot game with beautiful animation: that is what players will get who choose to play Mechanical Orange, an online slot game from B Gaming. Mechanical Orange is easy to understand. Unlike most modern slot games, which feature multiple paylines and betting options, Mechanical Orange has only three reels. And of those three reels, only one of them pays out.

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The middle reel pays players top to bottom when players land 3 of a kind of the games 8 symbols. Betting is easy, and wins are easy to follow, making Mechanical Orange the perfect game for casual and beginning slot gamers.

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The theme of Mechanical Orange juggles a number of different elements. One is the town (Copperville) the game is set in (though learning that required reading Bgaming’s description of the game). The other is the kooky inventor and his daughter, professor M and daughter L (I know, really creative and progressive with the names there). Here’s a sample from the games bio on the Bgaming website: “After long nights professor M., at last, finishes his unique device - Mechanical Orange.

The machine is incredible, working as a fruit-squeezer, it produces super vitaminized juices and fruitful jams: plum, cherry, orange! Residents are eternally grateful to the professor, filled with energetic vitamins, they not only became stronger, more cheerful but started growing up fruit, plants, and vegetables...” The Mechanical Orange machine, the one that saved Copperville from their smog-filled wasteland, is where the slots spin. The simplicity of the betting in the game works with the games other major themes of being good stewards to our environment.

Players only choose from 1 to 100 for their bet. Nowhere to choose the amount of each coin, no separate option for multiplying those bets, and no adjusting the number of paylines in play (which is obvious considering there is only one payline). And while the game itself is filled with vibrant colors and interesting backstory, the gameplay comes with no frills: no mini-games, no wilds, no free spins, just a simple slot game with players looking to line up three in row of the same symbol.


Mechanical Orange features nine symbols. I don’t know how to describe all of them, but eight of them are either an intriguing invention made by professor M or a plant. Cherries produce the lowest payout, while clovers offer the highest. The ninth symbol, the 7, serves as jackpot multiplier, multiplying your bet by 1000.

Players begin with 1000 credits. So players playing the max bet of 100 can lose their credits quickly. But players win frequently enough that minimum bets will keep games going for a long time. Players have the option to autospin up to 1000 spins. And one neat feature is the ability to turn the space bar into a spinner.

Review of Mechanical Orange

Though the world Mechanical Orange is set in is quite detailed and complicated, the slot game itself is as simplistic as you will find. Players who aren’t familiar with more complicated and adult styles of slot games will find comfort in the easy to follow payline in Mechanical Orange. Three in a row, top to bottom, in the middle row: players will see the pattern easily and know why they are winning or losing.

The simple play design and game controls make this the perfect game to play on a mobile device. Mechanical Orange is a perfect time waster with its pleasing bright colors, kooky music, and convenient play style. The game is easy to follow and offers multiple options for keeping it going in the background while players do something else.

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