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Platinum Lightning Free Slots

Platinum Lightning is one of the latest slots on offer from the game developers at BGaming. With a classic 5x3 reels and 25 pay lines complete with a mythological feel that has the power to inspire people and teach them many lessons in life.
In this slot some of the most powerful and popular mythical characters from Scandinavian, Nordic, Greek and Roman mythologies. BGaming have certainly excelled with this slot and will definitely appeal particularly to those who can’t get enough of mythological slots! It is quite usual for the paths of power to be crossed with the paths of glory and it is this occurrence that can make people mistakenly think power is glory which is then followed by their fall from grace, even the gods that are amongst the normal men.


This is what is the theme for Platinum Lightning. The slot is complete with an assortment of mythological Gods, demi-gods, heavenly beasts and heroes which are complemented by the gold and red background which will certainly capture players attention.
First impressions are so important, and Platinum Lightning has little room for improvement from the beginning and all the way through the game. When a multitude of earthly and celestial forces unite it is understandable that chaos will ensue even if it is the grandest kind of chaos players may have ever seen! Amongst this chaos is the gameplay which will keep players grounded as it is neither predictable or unimaginative which results somehow in this slot striking just the right note.


There is no doubt that when the 5x3 reels are complete with the most composed forces and is determined simply by the mood of the 25 pay lines. These pay lines are what players will see as the difference between their bets becoming jackpots and bets leading to nothing. Players need to keep in mind though that in Platinum Lightning the slot winning combinations pay out from the left to right and landing wins from right to left result in nothing.

When it comes to bets players will need to ensure that they have their wagers in place before the pricing hammer slams down. Players can choose to stake just one coin on each pay line and the value of this coin can range from 10 cents to an entire dollar. The total bet per line is $25 making this particular slot appeal to beginners and high rollers alike with both stakes being catered for.


The symbols in Platinum Lightning are diverse with the slot being complete with Unicorns, Amazons, Mermaids, Medusa, Neptune and Themis. All of the symbols provide decent pay outs well enough to get back most of your bets, but the real money is hidden in plain sight. The famous mystery will be found right in front of the players eyes as they challenge themselves to get through a maze with the assistance of some special symbols, but why are these symbols special I hear you ask, well read on to find out.

The three symbols that appear unconnected make up the most powerful group of symbols in the slot. The ancient ship that is about to be sunk is the games wild, and as so it can help players to solve any complicated combinations as it can substitute for all the regular symbols to create winning combinations.

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