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Rocket Dice Free Online Game

The action of random number generation has existed for years and is not only used when it comes to the developing of slot games.

It may come as a surprise to some that the simple action of rolling a dice is the exact way to generate random numbers from one to six on two cuboid objects with six faces in play. The dices are rolled and what is shown on the top faces are added together and the result is gained, it really is that simple.
The game of rocket dice holds true to these principles, and this is a game that has been played for years. In the game, two dice and a dice cup are used with the main aim of the game being for the player to correctly guess whether the outcome of the dice when rolled will be higher or lower than the number that has been chosen from 2 – 12 with the parameters being called as under or over.


Once the player chooses to hit the roll button, they have the choice whether to set a bigger bet as this will signal a generous multiplier provided that the player guesses right. When it comes to pay outs, everything is calculated using the corresponding multipliers and this is all detailed fully on the pay table, and it is here that you can also find the rules of the game, well worth a read before you get started. The detailed statistics table displays all of the rolls’ results.

Whilst this is a really simple game it is the type of game where you don’t want to stop! With the dice rolling and the anticipation of what they will bring I found I spent over an hour playing which only felt like 15 minutes! There is no doubt in my mind that Rocket Dice will have a huge following, it is a simple and fun way to spend your time and you also have a great chance of winning big.

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