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Sic Bo Online Game

The majority of people are under the impression that not only did the Chinese enjoy and invent the first games of chance over 2,000 years ago but they used pebbles, dice and tiles and whilst the scheme and rules of the game have stayed the same, this primitive game has remained the same to this day. The same can be said about Sic Bo the first casino game to have ever been invented and translates to “dice pair”.

It is a known historical fact that when Sic Bo was played all those years ago players used to toss a couple of heavy bricks with numbers on the sides. Fortunately, the bricks were soon replaced with three lightweight six-sided dice. However, no matter how much time has passed the game has stayed the same, as in players bet on the number of the dice when they have been rolled. Chinese immigrants appear to have brought this game to North America and it soon won the hearts of many people making it one of the favourite table games.

Therefore, with the inspiration from the east coupled with this antique game of chance the online version of Sic Bo was born. There is no getting away from the unusual way this game works and although it is not what we would consider a standard game, it is a perfect way to develop your mind, logic and abstract way of thinking. Sic Bo may seem quite complex to begin with however, it is actually simple, and players only have to do one thing before they start playing and this is to read how the winning combinations are made and decide how they want to place their bet.


There is no right or wrong way to play Sic Bo and there is no particular form or special strategies required as the only guide in this game is destiny and chance. This could be why land based casinos today still have Chinese superstitions which apparently can still influence how the game can play out. Let’s take a look at some of the superstitions that are still very much in place today. It is believed that the colour red brings good luck and for this reason players should be sure to wear a red piece of clothing.

All players should steer well clear of the number four as according to Chinese culture the number four symbolizes death. Players should make sure that they do not pass any monasteries or churches on the day that they are due to play the game and there must be no touching between players during the game. Most obviously though, is that players should have at least a basic knowledge of Feng Shui!
Overall, I do hope that you are now inspired by the traditions and history that is Sic Bo and that you are full of positive energy. Remember that for super luck you need to wear a piece of red clothing, make a series of sensational bets avoiding the number four, but most of all take pleasure and enjoy the game that is Sic Bo.

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