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SoftwareBig Time Gaming
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fizzy-pennyslot-slotOnline slots constantly evolve, and Fizzy Pennyslot from Big Time Gaming brings another level of entertainment to the online casino world with its sweet theme and incredible payouts.

This innovative and unique game promises to quench your thirst for excitement and big wins. It offers a refreshingly simple yet highly rewarding gameplay experience that will appeal to slot players of all skill levels.

Fizzy Pennyslot Overview

Fizzy Pennyslot transports players to a vibrant and colourful world inspired by classic vending machines and fizzy beverages.

At the game's core, Fizzy Pennyslot features a 5x4 reel layout with only 4 active lines, but the addition of the game-changing Bonus Reel adds to the gameplay and excitement.

In addition, this special fifth reel fizzes with multipliers that can boost adjacent line wins up to an incredible 200x in the base game, delivering a truly refreshing and potentially rewarding payout experience.

As maybe expected, the game does feature a Free Spins bonus game in which each spin removes the lowest Bonus Reel multiplier, upgrading to a higher one with an amazing maximum multiplier of 500x. The multipliers will continue to rise with each spin, potentially leading to mind-blowing wins that will leave players hungry for more.

However, to further enhance the gaming experience, Fizzy Pennyslot offers two enticing options: the Win Exchange feature and the Bonus Buy option. The Win Exchange allows players to bottle their big wins and exchange them for Free Spins, extending their playtime and increasing their chances of hitting the jackpot.

Alternatively, the Bonus Buy option lets them skip the wait and dive straight into the fizz-tastic Free Spins action, putting players on the fast track to potentially massive payouts.

Theme and Symbols

In terms of the theme and symbols, Fizzy Pennyslot is a delightful blend of nostalgic charm and energetic modernity.

The game's design is inspired by classic vending machines, with tiny windows through which players can glimpse the symbols. While some symbols are the traditional Royals (A, K, and Q), most are colourful and theme-based, including various coloured fizzy drink bottles and delicious sweet packets.

Furthermore, the background is a striking bright orange hue. At the same time, the reel itself combines a gaming machine and a vending machine, with the symbols displayed in an electric blue colour. This vibrant and playful design perfectly captures the essence of Fizzy Pennyslot, drawing players into a world of refreshing fun and excitement.

Among the symbols that grace the reels, the Wild symbol adds to the gameplay as a mouthwatering bag of sweets, ready to substitute for any other symbol to create winning combinations.

Other symbols include a purple drink bottle, a red drink bottle, a blue water bottle, and a green drink bottle. Each adds to the game's overall theme and offers the potential for tasty payouts.

Fizzy Pennyslot Features

Fizzy Pennyslot's unique features make this slot stand out, offering players a refreshing and rewarding gaming experience.

The standout feature is undoubtedly the 5th Bonus Reel, which adds an additional element of excitement to the game. Each row on the main reels has its own line, and if a multiplier appears on the Bonus Reel, the corresponding line win will be boosted by up to an incredible 200x.

Moreover, the game also features the Wild symbol, which can substitute for any other symbol or form their own top-paying combinations, offering up to 10x the stake for the luckiest players.

The Free Spins round rounds out the amazing bonus game features, which is triggered when the Coin symbol appears on the Bonus Reel.

During this thrilling feature, players are treated to 6 free spins, and the magic of the Bonus Reel multipliers comes to life. With each spin, the lowest multiplier on the Bonus Reel is removed, making way for higher multipliers to take its place. The maximum multiplier during Free Spins is an astounding 500x, resulting in truly mind-blowing payouts that will leave players wanting more.


Fizzy Pennyslot is a refreshingly unique and entertaining slot game that effortlessly combines simplicity with the potential for massive wins.

Big Time Gaming, as always, has developed a great slot game that stands out, offering players of all levels an enjoyable, high-quality gameplay experience.

With its lively and playful theme, Bonus Reel mechanics, and the tempting possibility of Free Spins with multipliers up to a staggering 500x, Fizzy Pennyslot promises to satisfy even the most experienced slot players.

The game's impressive RTP of 96.44% and the potential for a top prize of 10,170x the initial stake further cement its position as a must-try slot for anyone seeking a rewarding and refreshing gaming experience.

Overall, Fizzy Pennyslot offers a great online casino slot game experience with its simple yet engaging gameplay and the potential for massive payouts.

Fizzy Pennyslot FAQs

What is the RTP rate of Fizzy Pennyslot?

Fizzy Pennyslot boasts an impressive RTP rate of 96.44%.

What is the reel configuration of Fizzy Pennyslot?

Fizzy Pennyslot is a 5x4 reel slot game.

What is the maximum win possible when playing Fizzy Pennyslot?

The maximum win potential in Fizzy Pennyslot is an astounding 10,170x the initial stake.

What is the key bonus feature of Fizzy Pennyslot?

The key bonus feature of Fizzy Pennyslot is the Free Spins round.

Is Fizzy Pennyslot available to play on mobile devices?

Yes, Fizzy Pennyslot is fully compatible for mobile devices

SoftwareBig Time Gaming


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