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SoftwareBlueprint Gaming
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sausage-party-slotOnce upon a time there was a large supermarket called Shopwell's. All the foods for sale on the shelves were waiting to be bought, convinced that real life only began out there. But one day this belief is disproved by one of them, a jar of mustard, which has been brought back and now knows the hard truth.'s sausage A path to safety begins forThis is the premise of a fun and original 3D animated film called Sausage Party (literally, the sausage party). Later the programmers of Blueprint Gaming have also decided to make a slot machine on the same premises, with the same graphics and identical characters. Let's find out how Frank and his associates fare on the reels of a video slot.

Sausage Party Overview

sausage-party-sausageThe graphics adopted by Blueprint Gaming for this curious title are the same used in the animated feature film. On the reels you will therefore find sausages, frankfurters and hot dogs, which are the symbols we will talk about later. For now let's see the technical characteristics of the game, which adopts a fairly traditional scheme with 5 reels and 3 lines. The payment lines are 20 and fixed. To start the game you can use the play button on the right, next to Frank, or prefer autoplay. In this case you can decide a certain number of spins during which you will never have to intervene, up to a maximum of 100. To set the base bet, which will determine your eventual winnings, use the button on the left instead. As you can see, starting a game session is very simple: let's find out now paytable by Sausage Party.

Sausage and Hot Dogs: Sausage Party symbols

sausage-party-hot-dogQ, J, A, and K are lower-value symbols from the Sausage Party paytable. These icons, along with two others that are worth a little more but are still part of the low pay symbols, return a win if repeated 3, 4 or 5 times on one of the 20 paylines in the slot. Sammy Bagel Jr. and El Guaco are the low pay symbols that complete the lower part of the pay table, then move on to symbols that are worth more which are Frank and Brenda. The icon that is worth more than all the others, and that pays even if repeated only 2 times, is the slot logo. This is also a super stacked symbol, meaning that when it appears it appears stacked on its own reel. But that's not all, because in addition to the standard symbols in this Blueprint Gaming slot machine there are also special symbols, namely the Scatter and the Wild. The Wild, which is the Joker and consists of this word written with a nice bright color, can also pay itself, if repeated from 2 to 5 times, and substitutes for all other symbols except the Bonus (or Scatter) one. Hold on tight as we are now about to venture into the vast world of Sausage Party's special features, which are very numerous and can liven up your gaming session when you least expect it!

Supermarket features: bonuses and free spins

sausage-party-bonusDuring the basic game, in a completely random way, special symbols called the Immortals may appear. They bring some mini games to life, six in all. A mini game is called Skin on Wilds: Wild symbols cover reels making all symbols Wild. Then there is Frank's Hot Dog Wilds, where an entire reel is covered in Wild game the Mighty Douche Colossal Reels, 3 reels join together to form one colossal one. The other two games activated by the Immortals are Touching Tips (Frank and Brenda become Mystery Symbol and can cause another symbol to appear randomly) and Bath Salts Bonus Boost (new locations appear where the Bonus symbol can appear).mini game Keen, which guarantees a winning spin. These functions can be activated randomly at any time, at each spin. Then there is the main special feature which is the one activated by 3 Bonus symbols and which is called Wild in the Aisles. A wheel showing 6 different special features. By turning the wheel, the player discovers which one has won. The special features of Sausage Party are:

  • Still Fresh Bonus: the player has to choose between different packs of sausages. As you guess the game goes on, and your choice options decrease. With each pack selected, the prize won increases. The game ends if you activate another feature, or if all the packs have been removed.
  • The (not so) Great Beyond Bonus: the player must choose between different foods and can win the prize shown in the "Bonus Winning" box, double that amount, a multiplier that is added to the Winning Bonus, or finally another feature.
  • Gettin Juiced Free Spins: The player wins a certain number of free spins during which the special Douche symbol progressively increases the winnings obtained.
  • Bread Bashing Free Spins: The player wins free spins at the end of which he must choose a can of mustard to win a bigger prize or other free spins.
  • Bun in the Oven Free Spins: Again the player wins free spins, with Frank and Brenda acting as the Wild and, if they meet, multiplying the winnings x2. Also at the end of this feature there is a chance to win more free spins with a jar pick mini game.
  • The Even Greater Beyond Bonus: this feature can also be won with 5 Bonus symbols and consists of a series of multipliers that can guarantee you the highest payout of the slot.


Shopping has never been more fun than with Frank and Co.'s company. Discover for yourself the many special features of the Blueprint Gaming game by starting a game here on our site, where Sausage Party is in For Fun mode and therefore you can try it without investing your money right away.

Sausage Party FAQs

What is Sausage Party?

Sausage Party is a Blupeprint Gaming slot machine inspired by an animated film of the same title.

How is the game plan of Sausage Party?

This slot machine has 5 reels, 3 lines and 20 paylines.

What are the special features of Sausage Party?

Sausage Party has 12 special features. 6 are activated randomly during the basic game, the other 6 can be activated when 3 Bonus symbols appear.

What happens when 3 Bonus symbols appear?

The player has to spin a wheel, which will randomly select one of the 6 features.

Can I play Sausage Party for real money?

On our site the slot is in Demo mode, but you can play it for real money by signing up in an online casino.

SoftwareBlueprint Gaming


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