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Introduction Wonder of Ages Slot

Blueprint Gaming is back at it with this new historical themed slot. While we know history-based slots are nothing new and power plenty of slots through, a quick trip to your favourite slot provider will through you up a plethora of slots that give lessons in the stone age, middle ages and more. There are few that throw together a bunch of civilisations together to produce a powerhouse of history.

Wonder of Ages takes four of the best-known ancient worlds – Rome, China, Greece and Egypt – and throws them together to give the player a four for the price of one; a quickfire tour of Ancient Civilisations! Each one is features in it’s own bonus game, and players can also gain access to the progressive Jackpot King Deluxe Network through this slot.

The slot is designed to be a 5-reels and 3-rows game, with a romanticised view of the backdrop. Sticking to the theme mash-up of history, the background of the reels is a mergence of buildings all from each of the countries you’ll visit. Pyramids and Roman-esque structures are just some of the scenery for this stunning slot.

Betting Strategy

The betting range for this slot is between 20p and £40, which we think is sufficient for a beginner or novice slot player, but not nearly enough for a high rolling player. While there are some big wins to be had, those looking for bigger bets and higher wins should head off elsewhere.

The RTP for this slot is also down a little from the average we have become used to seeing. Most slots nowadays have been settling around 96% or even higher, while this falls short, hitting 95.49%. It’s not terrible, as it also includes the jackpot and reserve, however, we would have liked to se it a little higher.

Historical Symbols

The symbols for this slot are brilliantly creative, with the royals substituted for Roman numerals: I, II, and III. This is a smart way of changing up the gameplay and bringing something new into the realm of over-used historical times.
Next, we can see two chaps who look to be from the Asian history books: one looks to be Genghis Khan, while the other is a ruler of Babylon. Both are creatively designed. Following these are Ramses, Leonidas, Cleopatra and Caesar, which are the most valuable to the player.

We’ll apologise now if any of the names are incorrect, but we only mean to explain to you the eras they originate!
The win potential for the slot is brilliant. Five Genghis’ are worth approximately 12.5 times the stake, while five Caesars are worth a whopping 50 times the stake. However, the best pay of the slot for the regular symbols is landing five different characters on the reels, as this will rewards you an incredible 200 times the stake that you’ve bet.

Beating this once more is the wild, which will substitute for all bar the scatter. Alone, when matching five on a line, the wild will pay out 500 times your bet!


As well as the three jackpots, there is a bonus game which ties all four eras together. If three, four or five of the scatters land on the reels, they will pay the player x5, x10 or x100 of the total bet, as well as triggering the bonus game. The screen then changes to a list of bonus games with coins beside them. The player choose coins until they uncover three matching. Each bonus game comes with 9 non-retriggering spins; these bonus games are:

• Empire of Rome – Reel three becomes stacked with Wild Emperor symbols
• Wonders of Egypt – Each spin sees 5 symbols potentially turning wild
• Rise of Greece – Every three spins the win multiplier, that begins at x1, will increase by 1; a special wild is locked in reel 3 as well
• Mighty Dynasty – Every spin a random multiplier, up to x5, is applied

After the 9 free spins have been completed, the player returns to the coin screen to pick again and potentially win another bonus round. The process of bonus games is concluded when the Fallen Temple symbol is found. If a player is lucky, they have the potential to win several different bonus games in a row.
Finally there is the Jackpot King Deluxe Pot which is activated when 5 Jackpot King Deluxe symbols land on reels 1 to 5. After this, the player must land crown symbols on the reels to climb the ladder, which has ascending multiplier rewards. Collect 15 or more and you’ll spin The Wheel King. Here you can win big win multipliers or one of the progressive jackpots: Regal, Royal and Jackpot King. When won, the jackpot will return to the base level and begin to grow once more.

Concluding Wonder of Ages

Will you learn much history from this slot? Not really. Will you go away wondering who Genghis Khan was? Probably not. Will you potentially win up to 10,000 times your stake in a single spin and be dying to keep playing? Absolutely!

The changing scenery adds a little something extra to this interesting slot and gives the player the chance to delve into four different bonus games. While the bonus games aren’t hugely different, the chance of winning bonus round after bonus round is a nice change from other slots where there is very little chance of playing the round again.
While there is no stats on how often the bonus game will fall, we found it relatively easy to access and enjoyed the slot immensely.

With a quick calculator, it became clear to us that to win that high amount, you’d need to avoid the Fallen Temple symbol until you’ve won the Roman Empire twice in order to edge close!
The Jackpot King Deluxe Pot only adds to the slot and offers even bigger wins which may tempt a higher roller or two to try their luck with the smaller bets!


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