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Casino Bonuses

SoftwareElk Studios
PaylinesCluster Pays

dreamzone-slotDreamzone from ELK Studios is another branch on the family tree of Starburst. However, these two slots share little apart from the space theme with Dreamzone containing cascades, cluster pays, a galaxy packed full of Dream features and bonus drops. So, if you are ready to journey into space where dreams are created carry on reading.

Dreamzone Overview

You will not win anything for guessing the location of this slot, after all the name rather gives the game away. That is right, it is in the heavens where the stars roam free and the oceans are far away. It is hard to imagine the forces that have intertwined to form the world that we live and roam and walk on every day.
When it comes to the visuals the developers have been completely stripped back and could almost be mistaken for the game you could have played in your Atari game when you were a child, even though this is far more modern. But let us leave the mental agility to one side and focus on the game in hand so to speak.

Game Mechanics

Dreamzone from ELK Studios plays out on a 5x5 grid where all winning symbols will appear in clusters and these clusters can be rather small. Matching just three symbols that are next to each other and are enough to create a win which will then trigger cascades. This process is explained in further detail as the cascades are intertwined closely with the other features.

When it comes to placing your bet, you can choose from a bet range which starts with a minimum of 20p per spin up to a maximum of £100 per spin. Just for the clarification the spins in this slot are referred to as drops. You can enjoy a solid return to player which stands at 96% which puts the game in a medium or high volatility and the developers have provided their own rating at 7/10. The winning clusters land on more than 1 in 4 and theoretically because of the hit rate which is 27.7% and keeps the slot flowing and the features piling up. There is one statistic missing and this is the free spin frequency and although the developers would usually include this information for some reason it has been missed out on this one.

Dreamzone Symbols

I had to ask myself whilst playing this slot whether space is awash with sparkling gems as ELK Studios wants you to believe. But if this the case then the developers have made a stellar effort and you will find your pay table packed full of shiny symbols. There are ten regular symbols and whilst this may seem a lot, this in my opinion has been done to take into consideration the small clusters requirements to land a win. Five of the symbols are low paying and created using gems of assorted colours, and the high paying symbols whilst also gems are more sophisticated to look at than their low paying counterparts. The premium symbols pay from 0.4x your stake for landing three purple gems to a maximum of 100x when you land eleven or more of the red gems.


When it comes to the features on offer ELK Studios are very keen on their cascading mechanics, and these can be seen in several of their titles. If you are au fait with slots from ELK Studios you will find that the Gold series will spring to mind as it has been put to good use. In this slot this is the way the other features enter the game in the form of the Dream Modifiers and Dream Drops. To get started you need to understand how the cascades work. When you land a winning cluster, it is cleared from your reels to let new symbols fall into the places and giving you more chance to land wins. The cascades will continue all the time you land winning clusters.

As well as creating cluster chains any winning spins will also be rewarded with modifiers that in this slot are known as Dream features. On any winning spin you can land up to four Dream features which can be collected when you land a win and then used on non-winning spins. There are four Dream features which will provide you with the following:

  • The first thing you can land are the wilds and you can have up to five wild symbols added to your grid, and the wilds can also substitute for any pay symbol.
  • Next is the symbol upgrade where one of your lower paying symbols are chosen randomly to morph into the high paying version.
  • The next feature is the symbol explode which is self-explanatory and will see up to four symbols on your grid removed.
  • Finally, there is the symbol scatter which is where one of your symbols will pay out as if it were a scatter and this way the symbols do not have to form a cluster.

If you land rolling cascades you can even clear your play grid and when you do this will activate the Bonus Drop which starts by awarding you with three free drops complete with a 2x win multiplier. If you then clear the grid you will be moves to the next level and will be awarded with an additional three more free drops and the win multiplier is doubled. You will also be rewarded with a boost from the Dream features which then stay in play for the whole of the bonus drops feature to help you clear your grid. You can level up a massive 8 times which will see you ending with a win multiplier that is equal to 512x, which is worth winning.


Dreamzone is a well-executed slot in all ways and I cannot really fault it, however once I had played the slot a few times I did find the excitement was not quite as high as I once thought. The biggest pay out is the 512x multiplier and although this is a colossal amount the slot certainly knows how to tease!

Dreamzone is a solid slot but it may not be as dreamy as you may first think and fits into a different category to the likes of Mega Clusters which whilst highly volatile does also pay out some huge wins. This slot is far lighter in most respects and is a great way to while away some time whilst amassing some wins.

DreamZone FAQs

What is DreamZone?

DreamZone is a dream-themed slot machine created by Elk Studios.

How many DreamZone paylines are there?

This slot machine has no paylines but winning combinations are formed with Cluster Pays.

Are there any special features in DreamZone?

Yes, there are 4 that are activated with each non-winning spin and they are: wild extra, Symbol Upgrade, Symbol Explode and Symbol Scatter. Also, there is the Bonus Drop feature.

What are DreamZone's RTP and volatility values?

This slot has 96% RTP and medium / high volatility.

Can I play DreamZone from my smartphone?

Yes, the slot works on any type of device.

SoftwareElk Studios
PaylinesCluster Pays


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