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SoftwareElk Studios
Demo ModeOn
Min. Bet 0.20 demo coin
Max Bet. 100 demo coin
Available on Twin

Overview Miss Wildfire slot

Miss Wildfire is the latest slot to be released by ELK Studios and players need to note that the slot bears no relation to the film that starred the late, great Robin Williams where he dressed up as a nanny just so he could spend some more time with his own children. The slot however does have its own story that stars Edgar Woodart who has spent his whole life studying the art of alchemy only to eventually realise that he has wasted all his time. However, his introspection sees the birth of the playful Miss Wildfire from inside his roaring fireplace, who really is his only friend. In the same way as a great thriller there is a single question that hangs in the air, this is whether Miss Wildfire is a real person or merely just a part of Edgars mind which is balancing on the edge of despair.

Design and Symbols

All the alchemical activity takes place in Woodart’s laboratory even though there is not much of it in view. The symbols are massive and fill most of the view although there are glimpses of a plethora of scientific stuff all around the place. It is the audio that provides most of the excitement particularly when the free spins feature is in place. The soundtrack is a great balance of vocals, metal guitar and vibrant electric dance music.

The symbols are well executed particularly when it comes to the smiling wooden log and although this is the lowest paying symbol it appears frequently in the features and plays a crucial role. After the log ranking from low to high you will come across the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace (these are the lowest payers) then comes the prism object, a cuboid with a flower and a red gem. The last three are the higher payers and will reward you with 2.5x to 10x the stake if you land six of the same kind.

Game Play

Miss Wildfire is played out on 6-reels, 4-rows, and offers players 466 ways to win. It is the soundtrack that really builds the excitement, particularly in the free spins. For example, to create more anticipation whilst the scatters land the soundtrack switches to a rave style like a fluorescent tube having a mental fit and the people are frantically drawing on nitrous oxide. During the free spins there is a Eurovision mash-up between Lordi and DJ Bobo, which makes the re-spins come across as something that is inspired by a Bar Mitzvah, your right it does sound incredibly weird, but it works.

You can play this slot on all devices and it offers players a wide bet range starting from just 20p per spin and maxing out at £100 per spin. The statistics that are available on this game suggest that it is an all-round game rather than one dedicated to the hardened gamblers. The return to player stands at 96.1% which will please most people whereas on the other hand there is the medium volatility that the developers have given a 6/10 level. You will find that the hits land at about 22.9% which equates to more than one in every five spins. The features are less frequent, but they are effective as this is where Miss Wildfire elements get the opportunity to work together.

Bonus Features

Miss Wildfire is the lowest value symbol and surprisingly she also leads to some of the best wins. The regular wild is represented as a flame that spreads to create wild fires where it lands. This wildfire spreads both vertically and horizontally to the adjacent log symbols and these are then turned wild too. Miss Wildfire is a wild and she comes with a walking feature. When she lands in the base game, she will activate a re-spin and then walks off one of the reels to the left. The re-spins are continually awarded until the Miss Wildfire symbols drops off the left side. Miss Wildfire can set fire to the adjacent log symbols too and these then turn wild. The one you want to keep your eyes open for is the Super Miss Wildfire variation.

This symbol has an extra feature as she can make all the non-burning log symbols turn sticky all the time that she is active in the re-spins. Also, when Miss Wildfires are in view if any of your reels are holding scatters are locked into place to give you an extra chance to activate the bonus mode.

If you land 3, 4, 5, or 6, scatters in your base game the free spins are activated with an additional set of 1, 2, 3, or 4, Miss Wildfires symbols, respectively. The symbols start on the furthest reel to the right and walk one reel to the left with every free spin. The free spins play provided Miss Wildfires or Super Miss Wildfires are showing on your reels. Whenever you have a log land, they are collected by a gauge meter that is located on the right side of the screen. At predetermined points on the gauge the low paying symbols are turned into log symbols. Once the upgrades are completed a new set of Miss Wildfire symbols are added to the reel on the furthest right. The logs cease being created when the final low paying Ace symbol is transformed.


When I tested Miss Wildfire, I felt it had a Quickspin vibe that saw the developers able to present a different side. It is as if the designers have just for a laugh, mixed a load of ideas, threw some features into the air, and picked things at random and run with them. The developers have got a good story and it will help if you read it, so that you do not think that ELK are being weird. It is true that this slot will not be everyone’s cup of tea but there are moments in the features when some great things can happen.
I enjoyed this slot immensely, but it did take a few spins for me to decipher exactly what was going on. The slot looks good, plays well, is stylish and has some superb wins too. My rating would be a solid 8.5/10 and I would recommend the slot to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions Miss Wildfire

What is the bet range in Miss Wildfire?

The bet range starts from 20p per spin and goes up to £100 per spin.

What is the games hit rate?

The hit rate of this game stands at 22.9%.

What is the return to player?

The return to player stands at 96.1%.

Who developed this slot?

The developers of this slot are ELK Studios.

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