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SoftwareElk Studios

Introducing Visitors slot

Visitors is the latest slot to be released from the gaming development team at ELK Studios, and the theme is one they have used before in slots like Cygnus which had a galactic styled focus, sort of with a night sky filled with stars! Visitors is the complete opposite as the developers have decided to go for the comedic theme this time around with a tone which is brought to the fore by the story and strange alien activity.

This slot takes story telling a step further, to a whole new level with some talk about guests from another planet taking over a small secret town. There is no doubt that players will not have seen this coming and these extra-terrestrial beings play games and abduct cows purely for pleasure! I admit I did not understand the slot to begin with as it bears no relevance to anything however it is incredibly humorous and that is good enough for me.

Theme and Design

In the form of a UFO looking down on the 5x5 reel set, and there is a view of an urban area that is synonymous of SimCity. The slot has a great cartoon style and look about it, although it is worth saying that the aliens with their grey skin do appear rather menacing when they appear. There is nothing remotely endearing about their glowing eyes even though their colour does have a direct effect on some of the less important features.

This slot is completed perfectly with the animations and sound effects that are really in keeping and complete the slot to provide players with an enjoyable gaming experience. If you feel that you are ready to join this rather whacky game and face the aliens, then read on.

Betting & Statistics

The first thing you need to do is to decide the bet level that you are happy playing at and the slot offers a minimum of 20p per spin up to a maximum of £100 per spin, and with this wide range the game is sure to appeal to many players. You may find yourself thinking that the slot looks as if it could be an episode of the Simpsons where Kang and Kodos the tentacled aliens starred however this slot also has a mean and sinister streak and this is shown in the math model which sits at 8/10 (as rated by the developers) and this is coupled with high potential too. It is not all bad though as the hit rate of one win in every four spins and a return to player that is above average sitting at 96.1% counter balances any negativity.

Visitors offers a larger win way which is ideal with a grid of this size and the developers at Elk have gone with no pay lines in favour of providing a huge 3,125 ways to win. To land a win all you need to do is land three or more of the same symbol next to each other on any row starting from the far left.


When it comes to the symbols there are 10 in total which are split into both high and low payers. The usual playing card symbols 10 through to Ace are the low payers and these are beautifully crafted and look like something you would expect to find in an ancient cave. The higher paying symbols are strange and are represented by a fountain and four buildings, what this has to do with the theme is beyond me! The values are low across the board when compared to competitor free slots and landing five of the premiums will reward you with 0.7 to 15x your stake which is not a lot. The final symbol is the wild which is represented by flames and can replace any regular symbols to create winning combinations.


The development team at ELK always shine when it comes to features and it is here that you will find their creative talent matches their excellent storytelling and in this slot the team have managed to blend all of the elements together perfectly.
When you land an alien on your 1st and 5th reels at the same time and the aliens mischievous side comes out and they activate a re-spin with two of the three modifiers present. The modifiers that you are rewarded with are selected in accordance with the colour of the alien’s eyes. Your reels re-spin with two of the following.

First are the Green eyes – Big O Beam where one regular symbol is chosen to stay sticky and enlarging to either 2x2 or 3x3 in size for the re-spin, next come the yellow eyes – Abduction and you will be provided with a multiplier win that is up to 15x and applied once the re-spin is played out. Finally, the pink eyes – Alien Attack will add up to five sticky wilds are added to your reels in random places for the re-spin.
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the UFO which is the bonus game scatter and landing three or more on your reels will activate the Alien Invasion Free Spins bonus feature. Once this is active the reels are cleared of symbols which are replaced by 25 tiles that have either a silver or gold spaceship on them. This feature then starts by awarding you with five free spins and although the free spins cannot be reactivated you can win extra spins.

Landing a silver ship will add one free spin and a frame is added to the position the space ship was in, and this position starts with a 2x multiplier of the total you have bet. If you land another silver spaceship lands within a framed position it doubles the win multiplier which tops out at 4,096x you stake. If you manage to get the frames touching each other vertically they join, and this increases your chances of netting multiple landings. If you get lucky and land a gold spaceship on a walled off area then all of the multipliers on your grid are doubles, with the bonus continuing until you either run out of free spins or you reach the capped win amount.


This slot begins strongly, and Elk have done a great job of providing an amusing back story which is completely ridiculous but makes the slot a great deal better because of it. There are some players who are put off by the by the quirky and childish visuals but if we are fair there are a huge number of ways to win on offer.

The slot dies have a highly volatile math and could not be further from the style if you try, childish slots on the market so this should not make a huge difference. Visitors Visitors gets off to a good start due to some interesting world-building. The accompanying back story is amusing, full of plot holes, utterly ridiculous, though all the better for it. ELK has proved themselves to be creative in the past, the Gold series is a fine example, and Visitors continues the tradition. Of course, a story does not make a slot great, or even good, but it does help round out the experience, providing more depth, and a sense of purpose when hitting the spin button.

With that said, the quirky and highly childish visuals might be off-putting to some, as at times you could think you are in an educational game that has been created for pre-schoolers. It is important that you do not get carried away by the alien story as this is a highly volatile game, and one of the highest potential slots to ever be produced by ELK. This studio usually offers somewhere between 2,500x or 5,000x win cap however Visitors offers a colossal 10,000x win cap.
Visitors does not feel like a typical slot from this developer, but this is not a bad thing as they have traded some of the seriousness that they are best known for with some highly entertaining humour. This is a quirky slot that is sure to divide players due to the strange theme, but the potent math model will provide you with some excellent gaming.

SoftwareElk Studios


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