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Slot Details
SoftwareEspresso Games
Demo ModeOn
Available on888

Quite a few fruit machines look relatively boring, which can be off putting for many players. Where’s the visual excitement that comes with the gameplay? Lucky 7 Slot may have you covered. A five-reel, ten-payline game, the fruit machine might have exactly what many players are looking for.

An Overview Of Lucky 7 Slot

Developed by Espresso Games, a casino games developer, the Lucky 7 slot is best described as a slot machine. There are several elements that differentiate it from its competitors, however. The most notable of these are the BAR’s-based symbols, special Star icon, and multiple 7’s. Overall, the game offers a decent chance of winning, thanks to its higher-than-average returns and fair play policy. As attractive as this gameplay is, the visuals are one of the game's biggest draws, with Lucky 7 having an interesting design.

Theme & Design

lucky-7-symbolsThe Lucky 7 is a free casino games that looks and feels like the classic fruit machines that many players may be accustomed to. That could be a major drawing point for quite a few people, especially if they’re interested in a more nostalgia-focused game. Anybody looking for a more modern feel might be somewhat off-put by this approach, however. For what it is, it’s a high-quality online reproduction of the traditional fruit machine. The chunky lettering and bright lights add to this, which gives the game a proper casino-feel. Coupled with that are the sound effects, which could help submerse the player even more. Players looking for that feel shouldn’t be disappointed anytime soon.


Playing the game is as simple as many potential gamblers would expect. If you’ve played a traditional fruit machine before, then you’ll have no problem here. There are some noticeable improvements on the offline counterpart, however. Chief among these are fairer odds and a more refined approach to play. That should give most players an easy way to get into the game while experimenting with features that they might otherwise not be familiar with. For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s easy to get the hang of. The game consists of a payline and three reels. As a result, you can bet one, two, or three coins. Naturally, that means it wouldn’t be be recommended for high rollers, as each coin represents a dollar.


The game’s central portion sits ahead of a purple and yellow sunburst pattern that gives Lucky 7 slot an interesting visual style. Adding to this are the symbols themselves. The command buttons can be found on either side, while the star symbol works a little different. Like many other games, it here uses a scatter symbol, which should give most players a sense of familiarity. One of the more notable symbols is the yellow 7, which can be used to cash out quite high. That’ll only be seen if it appears on three or more reels, however. There are also the standard single, double, and triple BAR symbols, which are nicely designed, though not too different from other games.


If you’re looking for quite a few features in the Lucky 7 slot, then you’ll be disappointed. While the features it does have, it does well, there are a lot fewer of them that many players would expect. One area it does excel at is its maximum jackpot, which could be worth several thousand times a stake, depending on how much is bet. The absence of features outside of this, however, might be a deal-breaker for many potential players.

Conclusion: final Thoughts

The Lucky 7 slot has quite a few benefits going for it. Its maximum payout could be much higher than competitors, especially considering how little you’ll have to put it. While its gameplay is easy to master, that could make it uninteresting in the long term. There’s also a noticeable lack of additional features, which will be a drawback for more than a few players. If you’re looking for something a little more stimulating, then this wouldn’t be a recommended option. For players who want a little fun without things getting too complicated, the Lucky 7 can be a great place to start. It’s also a recommended option for players who miss traditional fruit machines.

Lucky 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Lucky 7 Slot For Free?

Like many similar games, Lucky 7 offers a free option. However, you mightn’t win any real cash with this choice.

Can I Win Real Money With Lucky 7 Slot?

There is a real cash option with the game, although you’ll first have to bet real money on it. You shouldn’t have to deposit too much to take advantage of this, however.

How volatile is Lucky 7 Slot?

This game is a low volatile slot.

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