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funny-hunting-gameAre you a convinced animal rights activist and the thought of hunting makes you horrified? If so, we are perfectly in agreement! You don't have to worry if we suggest you go hunting with the game we'll tell you about on this page. Our prey is not alive but inanimate, and above all they are very funny and will allow you to accumulate prizes, up to 500 times your bet! Funny Hunting by Evoplay it is, in fact, a pleasant trip down memory lane. Playing it will take you back to your childhood, when your grandparents used to take you to the funfair.

While you did everything to rot your teeth with cavities by eating cotton candy, you also indulged in many carefree pastimes. Maybe you rode the roller coaster, challenged your fear of the unknown at the haunted house, and tried to win a cuddly stuffed animal from a shooting gallery. Here it is: Funny Hunting is nothing more than a modern shooting gallery where, instead of a cuddly toy, you can win cash prizes. This will happen when you play for real money, but on this page we offer you the Demo of the instant game of which we are about to reveal every detail.

Funny Hunting Overview

funny-hunting-duck2Funny Hunting is played from a completely subjective perspective. In the center of the screen, you will see the barrel of a rifle. But Evoplay has no intention of instigating violence: the rifle we are talking about is a compressed air rifle and it only serves to knock down the wooden figures that will pass in front of you. Funny Hunting is, in fact, set in an amusement park, and you can see the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster in the background. In the foreground, there is a brightly colored hut which forms the backdrop for every game. This shed is the shooting gallery, one of the most popular amusement park games, where everyone can test their shooting skills.

To fire, you will have to use the keys in front of you by clicking or tapping, since your finger is not on the trigger. In fact, Funny Hunting works on both mobile and fixed devices, so you can really play a game whenever you want and from wherever you want. There are 3 buttons in the centre. The first shows coins and you need to bet, from a minimum of 0.10 to a maximum of 30,000. At the center is the play, for a single play. But if you want you can also use autoplay and play 10, 30, 50, 80 or 100 games consecutively. Autoplay also has additional controls to set the win or loss values ​​at which you want the game to stop.

Funny Hunting Symbols

funny-hunting-duck-kingAlthough Funny Hunting is not a slot machine, we can also talk about the paytable. Even if there are no symbols rolling on the reels, there will be some silhouettes that will scroll horizontally in front of your eyes. You must try to hit with your shotgun. These shapes dispense different prizes and therefore can give you more or less consistent winnings, depending on how good you are and also (and above all) lucky! In the game there are 4 ducks and 2 other symbols of other nature, for a total of 6 silhouettes you can try to hit. That's how much they pay:

  • Yellow Duck: 0.1x your bet
  • Orange Duck: 0.5x your bet
  • Wooden target: 2x the bet
  • White Duck: 10x your bet
  • Piglet: 25x your stake
  • The Duck King: 500x your bet

Apart from these symbols, there are no special symbols. The silhouette to keep an eye on, the one that could be more satisfying in terms of prizes paid, is the one depicting the Duck King, sporting a beautiful crown on his feathered head.

Funny Hunting Features

funny-hunting-duck1However, since you are not in front of the reels that you know so well, perhaps at this point you will be curious to know how to play (and above all how to win) Funny Hunting. Everything is as simple as it seems. You can start your first game in single or even automatic mode, at your convenience. The most interesting thing to know is that each single play consists of 10 bullets, then in 10 attempts to hit the silhouettes. On the left of the bet button, you will see 10 bullets lined up ready to be fired. When you feel ready, after placing your bet, all you have to do is press the play or autoplay button.

The rest of the game will play out without you having to do anything else. You will see the silhouettes that, in a completely random way, begin to scroll on the screen and you will start shooting. With each shot, you will see a bullet that disappears, and you will also immediately see if you hit the silhouette or not. If you manage to hit the target, you will be shown how much you have won. If you miss, a hole will appear in the bottom of the shed. At the end of the 10 hits, a pop-up will inform you of the total amount you managed to get with your successful shots. The absolute fairness of each game is guaranteed by the use of the RNG protocol.


Funny Hunting lives up to its name and promises - it's really funny! It also allows you to play in a completely carefree way, given its extreme ease of management. The game is easy to manage, and you can play it in a carefree way. If you are someone who likes to check the fairness of the games you play, Evoplay uses provably fair technology.  This means you can personally test the absolute impartiality of the results returned by the game at any time you wish. So there's no reason why you shouldn't try duck hunting with Funny Hunting. If you want to try it out, take advantage of the demo on this page. But when you want to get serious, you can find this Evoplay title in the best online casinos where you can play for real money.

Funny Hunting FAQs

What kind of slots is Funny Hunting?

Funny Hunting is not a slot machine but an instant game where there are no reels or paylines.

What is the Funny Hunting game all about?

In this game you have to try to hit the silhouettes that scroll across the screen.

How to play Funny Hunting?

Starting a game is very easy. Simply place your bet and then press play to start your game session.

How long is a game session?

Each game has 10 shots, so with a bet you have 10 attempts to hit the running shapes.

Which silhouette pays the highest premium?

The silhouette that offers the biggest prize is the Duck King, which pays 500x your bet.



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