Eyecon is an interesting casino company, offering both land-based and online options for its customers. The brand - located in Brisbane, Australia - is famous for the sheer range of slots that it offers in its library, many of which come with delightful graphics and engaging 3D features. 


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Eyecon has been in the gambling sector for more than two decades. During that period, it has had to evolve constantly, updating its games to keep pace with the modern marketplace. What began as a purely offline enterprise has had to adapt to changing circumstances and player preferences. 

Eyecon Overview

You can think of Eyecon as an old hand in the industry. Because it has been around for so long, it has had ample time to hone and refine its game options. Thus, new and experienced players alike love it, if nothing else for the sheer range of slots that it offers. Interestingly, Eyecon segments its games into different geographical regions. So where you choose to access it from affects the types of games available to you. 

Of course, thanks to its long experience, Eyecon offers a tremendous level of expertise, with multiple language translations and excellent payment services. However, it isn’t trying to be at the cutting edge of game development. On the contrary, it seems happy to just stick with tried-and-tested formulas that work. 

History Of Eyecon

Eyecon’s history goes all the way back to 1997, right at the start of the online gambling revolution. The company originally tried to make headway in real-world casinos, but quickly saw that there were often more opportunities online. Interestingly, though, it doesn’t seem to have the same level of drive as many other brands in the sector. It doesn’t promote its innovations and it doesn’t stay at the forefront of gambling trends. Instead, it focuses on provider players with a more robust and traditional service that just works. Perhaps the most unique feature of the company is how it tailors its slots and other games to player languages and geographies. 

So what does this mean for players? Well, if you like bleeding-edge 3D graphics in your slots games, look elsewhere. However, if you like playing games that really speak to your culture, then Eyecon’s slot library is the place to be.

Eyecon Slot Machines

Speaking of which, Eyecon offers a tremendous range of slot machines for players to enjoy. However, for many players, the online casino is starting to show its age. While it does use some 3D graphics, they don’t compare well to many of its rivals. Everything looks like it is about ten years older than it should be and lacks that visual “pop” that many players want when they fire up the slot machine. 

There are many examples of games where Eyecon’s presentation falls a little short of the mark. In Wu Shi Lion Dance, an Asian-themed game, the textures just lack the sense of realism that many modern players want. Another game, called Jewel Journey, just seems a little basic compared to some of the casino’s rivals. For many traditionalists, this won’t be a problem at all. In fact, they might quite like it. But it does seem strange that Eyecon outright refuses to go in the direction of the rest of the industry. 

Eyecon Portfolio

Where Eyecon really excels, though, is in its tremendous slots portfolio. Players can access more than 100 individual games on the site, covering practically every theme you can imagine. Some of them are generic, as you might expect. But others give players experiences that they haven’t had before. The Beez Kneez game, for instance, takes place inside a Beehive. White Wizard is also a lot of fun. Other slots include Sugar Train, Stampede, Shopping Spree, Frooty Licious, Fiddle Dee Dough, and the beautifully-illustrated Autumn Gold

So, in summary, Eyecon has plenty of incentives to keep up with the times. But, for whatever reason, it isn’t prepared to invest heavily in updating its games to the latest technical and graphical standards. 

Eyecon Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eyecon available on mobile?

Many of Eyecon’s most popular titles are not available to play via Android and iOS. It offers full smartphone support via its app.

Who does Eyecon appeal to?

Eyecon appeals to an audience that wants a slightly retro slots experience.

What is the most important thing to know about Eyecon?

Eyecon originally saw itself as a land-based casino but began offering online games in response to player demand.


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