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Super Hamster Slot

Prepare yourself for a computer/anti-virus themed game with Super Hamster, and online slot game from Fugaso. This 5 reel, 26 payline slot game takes place on a computer screen inside your office. Various office products play the part of the game’s symbols. Viruses seek to wreak havoc on your system. But luckily for you, Super Hamster waits at the ready to lock up these viruses. And if Super Hamster locks up three of them, you get access to the free spin level. But be warned: while that free spin level is very rewarding, it is very hard to get to. So be prepared to play with patience if you want big rewards while playing Super Hamster.


The theme of Super Hamster is a mix between computer/office vibe and Saturday morning cartoon. A working office is the setting, with cluttered desk sitting behind your computer screen. The main reels take place on your desk, with the reels rolling on your computer screen. But then, the game throws in the hamster. He’s kind of cute, and he plays the clear role of keeping your computer safe from those ugly viruses. But he definitely takes away from any pure office vibe the game was going for. Now, I ‘m not saying that is a bad call by the game makers. A purely office themed game, unless it’s based on the popular televisions show, would probably not be that interesting on its own. The music continues the game’s somewhat cartoony vibe. And the mixture of sounds can be a bit jarring. The reels make their own individual sounds.

The viruses make annoying little utterances (though what would you expect them to be like? they are viruses after all). And a siren sounds when one appears. Players start the game with 300000 credits. Players control the bet level and the coin value of each bet. There is a Max Bet button that places an automatic bet of 260. The autoplay feature is Fugaso’s standard brand. Players can autoplay for up to 100 spins. There are multiple terms players can set to their autoplay.

But players will have to set a maximum loss limit in order to use the autoplay feature.


Super Hamster features 15 symbols. The game replaces standard royal symbols with card suit symbols. The clover and the diamond produce the lowest payouts, while the spade and the heart are a step up. One great feature of Super Hamster is the game’s 11 high paying symbols. Listed in order from smallest to largest payouts, they are the disk drive, the internet, a webcam, a laptop, a recycling bin, banking software, a scanner, software download, desktop, and a printer.

The game also features three viruses that play the part of both the scatter symbol and a sticky wild. When a virus first appears, a siren goes off and the hamster locks the virus up. The virus stays on the screen for a certain number of spins as a sticky wild. The green virus stays on screen for two spins, the yellow virus stays on screen for three spins, and the red virus stays on for five. If three viruses are on screen at one time, players earn 8 free spins. The viruses stay on the screen for the entire 8 spins as sticky wilds.

Review of Super Hamster

Super Hamster is a fun visual experience with a couple of goofy characters. It also offers players a chance to really control their bets while they play. But as I mentioned earlier, keeping three viruses on the screen at one time is very difficult. So big winnings will not be as a result of bonus levels or free spins. It will entirely be on your betting. And there are plenty of high paying symbols to bet on in Super Hamster.

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