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Pizza Express Online Game Slots

Pizza Express is the latest slot machines from the software developers at Giocaonline which is unsurprising based around a pizza restaurant. The developers were obviously thinking how best they could widen their audience and anything with a cookery or food is very fashionable now so they have made a good solid choice when it comes to their theme. There are plenty of pizza related symbols and a really amusing Italian style that will make players laugh particularly when they come across the chef with moustache, and other symbols that will make players immediately tap into their inner Italian including pizza ovens and bottles of olive oil. The features that players can expect to find when playing Pizza Express include wild symbols, bonus rounds, free spins and a jackpot prize.

The game features in this free Pizza Express slots include bonus rounds, wild symbols, free spins round and a jackpot prize.  The backdrop of the free slot is a brick wall which represents a restaurant wall, complete with orders that are pinned to the wall with one acting as the spin button and the other the bet options. There are a multitude of Italian symbols which all relate to pizza such as, peppers, olive oil, salad leaves, pizzas and pizza oven eggs, there is also the Chef himself and plenty of customers too. It is really easy for players to place their bets as all the 30 pay lines are fixed in place but this is good as it means players have the maximum ways to win with every spin. Players choose their own coin value, and can alter the amount per spin simply by using the plus and minus buttons and these will move from 0.01 to 1.00 per pay line, giving an overall maximum bet of 30.00 per spin.



The rest of the winning formulas can be seen on the pay table and players will see 300 coins for matching five of either type of customer symbols, up to 100 coins when they land 5 of the pizza, eggs, leaves and pepper symbols. The most profitable symbol is the chef who awards players with 2,000 coins when they land 5 in a row and 1,000 coins for landing four. On a different note, if you find Pizza Express enjoyable then you should check out Pizza Fortuna as this also has a great pizza theme, simple gameplay and just 10 pay lines, whilst this may be a great deal of fun, it is also worth giving Pizza Prize a spin as this is more sophisticated and offers the player 25 pay lines, x2 multipliers and 15 free spins. Another slot games that is similar to Pizza Express is Farm Run, which offers players 15 free spins and x1 multipliers in the free spins round and a fair number of different symbols. Both online slots are low to medium variance so this means that there are many regular small pay outs which allows players bank rolls to increase meaning they can keep on playing, after all a longer gaming session should mean more wins, shouldn’t it?


A Pizza Themed Slot

Pizza Express is certainly one of the most exciting food related slot machine currently available to play, regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced player this free slot will appeal to you. The only thing that you should note is that if you are a high roller you may find that Pizza Express is exciting enough for you but the wins on offer aren’t, however, it is certainly worth you giving the reels a spin before you make up your own mind.

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