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dragon-tiger-tablegameDragon Tiger Overview

Dragon Tiger is a brand new table game from Habanero where you can enjoy a card game that is very similar to the game baccarat and gives the player multiple chances to collect wins. The game is playable on all devices and can be played for free and real money. This is a simple version of Baccarat and as it is a new game it is enjoying a surge of new players at online casinos. The game is really easy to play and provides some excellent opportunities for players to win.

How to play and symbols

Dragon Tiger begins with players selecting their chosen bet amount and the size of their chips before placing their bets on the table and deciding whether they wish to use any of the available multi bet options. When all of the bets are placed, the game begins with one card being dealt for the Dragon and one for the Tiger. Dragon Tiger is played with six card decks which are randomly shuffled, and players are then betting on the hand that they think will have the highest value. The game has little strategy involved and this makes this an excellent entry point for beginners who want to begin playing table games.

Dragon Tiger Features

There are no special features on offer in Dragon Tiger and no bonus rounds either. There are the various bet options for players to choose from and their chosen bets make a difference to the pay outs when a hand is won. Prior to the hands being dealt players can look back at their hands to try and make an informed decision on what they should bet.

Dragon Tiger Betting Options

Dragon Tiger has four betting options with the Dragon or the Tiger being the most popular option and the bet then revolves around which will produce the highest ranking card. The bet pays out even money if there is a tie which means that players receive half of their bet back. There is also a tie bet, and this offers players 8 to 1 pay out.  Another bet option is Big or Small and these both pay out even money. Finally, there is the suits bet which is as the name suggests where players have to determine which suit of the card will be drawn. The pay outs for this stand at 3 to 1.

This game has a lot of similarities to the game of Baccarat although it is far easier for players to understand and as, so it is an excellent choice for new players who want to begin playing online table games. This version comes complete with some bright and bold graphics and numerous bet options for players to enjoy as they place their bets in the hope of landing wins. Although the tie bet is the option that pays the best in Dragon Tiger, many players think of this as a push over bet as the chances of winning are really low.

The table game does feature an outstanding RTP which stands at over 96% which does prove that there really are some outstanding opportunities to win big. This game is the latest release from the developer at Habanero and it is already a huge success with beginners and experienced players alike. Complete with very simple rules and only a few strategies to get to grips with, Dragon Tiger is undoubtedly one of the easiest table games on offer today.


I really enjoyed playing Dragon Tiger, it is a fast paced game and I particularly liked the fact that I could access the game from all of my devices.



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