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Overview Orbs of Atlantis Slot

The island nation of Atlantis is surrounded by mystery. Plato created a story around this likely mythical place. Imagine the picture that he painted of an entire kingdom sinking beneath the ocean waves in a night and a day. Now, take that imagination to a new slot game influenced by the tales of Plato.

Orbs of Atlantis brings the magic and mystery of the ancient tale right up to date. You play against the background of the ruins of Atlantis, which have an ethereal feel. You are surrounded by fish and Krakens, with cascading symbols taking centre screen.

This is where the ancient merges with the modern as creators Habanero bring an innovative new concept to the world of slot games. There are no reels or slots in the ancient and mysterious world that has sunk below the waves.

The fun of this underwater slot is all about long lines of symbols that cascade into view. This is the Big Reel system that Habanero has created. If five of the same cascading symbols appear adjacent to each other, you get your share of the treasure of Atlantis. As winning symbols disappear, they are replaced by a cascade of different symbols, and you can win again. So, you have the chance to win over and over, if the magic of Atlantis goes your way.

Theme and Symbols

Atlantis is a place that has inspired many stories and investigations since Plato introduced it in Timaeus and Critias. Playing the Orbs of Atlantis gives you a taste of this mystical land as you experience the Big Reels fun of Habanero's exciting new concept.

Amidst the ruins of Atlantis, you come face to face with a range of symbols like the Fire Wild and the Eye Scatter. The lowest paying symbols are grey and green masks. Any win makes your journey to Atlantis more exciting, but if you see adjacent red and golden masks including stars, more riches wash your way in the waves.

It might seem strange seeing stars underwater, but these sparkling symbols pay out big rewards. You get 300x your stake for a full line of 13 stars.

Game Play

Slot games are usually all about the lines and reels, so Orbs of Atlantis is a real breath of fresh air. The Big Reels system used awards wins for adjacent symbols in long lines as they cascade onto the screen. This is a system that you will not be used to. It makes the game look a little strange, but a big part of the excitement is exploring the new gameplay as you get to know the Lost Kingdom.

As the lines flow onto the screen, they stream along set paths. This looks a little like a sea serpent slithering its way through the ruins. There is no doubt that playing the game is an unusual experience. It makes sense to play with free credits first until you get used to the system, so you do not waste your money while you learn.

Once you get used to the play, there are great opportunities to win. The RTP of the slot is an average 96.6%, and the volatility is medium, so you are less likely to sink the way that Atlantis did. Bet from a minimum of £0.15 while you are still getting used to life beneath the waves. Then, if you want to win big, you can take your bets up to a maximum of £3000. The top win for this online slot is x60000. So, you can find your own treasure of Atlantis and bring it back to shore.


The main game uses the cascading feature that has recently become popular with slot players. As you line up adjacent symbols, so they disappear, and more symbols cascade into view. Every win you achieve after the first has a multiplier attached to it. So, the second win is 2x, the third is 3x, and this continues as long as you stay on the crest of your winning wave.

There is also a Fire Wild in the game, which substitutes for other symbols. Get 13 of these wilds in a row, and your win is 333x.

Three Eye Scatters gives you 10 free spins. If you are lucky enough to get more of these scatters, the number of free spins increases to a maximum of 1000 free spins for nine Eye Scatters. The best thing about these free spins is that the multipliers are magnificent. They range from 3x to 15x. The play also changes to a different setting which adds to the watery wonder.

If you get impatient when you are playing the base game, you do not have to wait to get free spins. You can use the Buy Free Spins Option instead. Just click to access the feature, and you will find a menu of different choices.


Orbs of Atlantis is a totally new concept in the world of video slots. The Big Reels system takes a bit of getting used to, but it's a lot of fun once you know what you expect. The cascades of mythical symbols give you many opportunities to win, and you can buy free spins if the scatters do not award you them after you have been playing for a while.

Given the Habanero slot's watery theme, playing it is a little like learning to swim for the first time. Once you get the hang of it, you cannot wait to jump in and start splashing around again. Along the way, you get to meet mysterious creatures like the Kraken, as well as the colourful fish of this sunken kingdom.

The world of Atlantis that Plato introduced us to may never have existed, but this new online slot certainly does. It transports you to a place where you can spend time exploring ancient ruins while also seeking wins. Overall, this is a novel experience that slot fans looking for something a little different will love.

Frequently Asked Questions Orbs of Atlantis

What is the RTP for Orbs of Atlantis?

The game has an average RTP of 96.6%

How many reels and lines does the Orbs of Atlantis slot have?

Orbs of Atlantis features an innovative new game design called Big Reels. Long lines of symbols cascade onto the screen replacing traditional lines and reels.

How many free spins can you get on Orbs of Atlantis?

The minimum number of free spins you can be awarded in the game is 10 and the maximum is 1000. If the game does not award you free spins as you play, you can choose to buy them.

What is the theme of Orbs of Atlantis based on?

The theme of this new game from Habanero is the lost kingdom of Atlantis. According to a story by Plato, the island kingdom sank beneath the waves over the course of one day and one night.

How much do you need to wager to play Orbs of Atlantis?

The minimum wager for the game is £0.15. So, you can enjoy the game without spending a lot of money. Other wagering amounts are available up to a maximum of £3000.

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