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Introducing Techno Tumble slot machine from Habanero

Techno Tumble is the latest slot release from the casino game specialist Habanero, and it is a brand-new reactor styled slot that is complete with a totally new and rather unorthodox game mechanics. These mechanics have been designed in a pinball style and in a nutshell have round symbols that fall onto the screen in a random fashion and with the way these balls are in play makes for an exciting yet totally unpredictable outcome.

Into the Realms of Science Fiction

From the start of this slot it is obviously that Habanero is trying something different with the slot Techno Tumble. The slot itself has a Scientific feel which draws its inspiration from a pinball game using real physics whilst at the same way doing away with the need for the usual reels that you would expect to see. Therefore, you are left with a slot that could not be much further away from a standard slot.

Theme & Design

When it comes to the graphics as this is a slot that has been inspired by pinball there is not a lot going on. The symbols drop into a pit and the balls vary in colour and include blue, red, pink, orange or green, and these balls can be singular or complete with symbols. The design is unusual and if I were pushed, I would rate it at just above average and not as significant as you may want.

Game Statistics and Mechanics

As stated above there are no reels in this slot just a gaming area where the pinballs tumble into before they settle into piles. The game area can be occupied by from 15 – 45 symbols at any one time. The pinballs that connect with each other are the ones that will form the winning combinations in the same way as Cluster pays on other slots. The return to player reaches 96.73% and this is usual for this developer however, you do need to check this before you begin to play as there are higher and lower variations dependent on where you choose to play.

This game is exceedingly high when it comes to the volatility however, it can also provide you with some excellent pay out potential which can reach up to 13,080x your stake on every spin. Whether you land the scatters, increasing multipliers or the free spins plus additional interesting features and the best thing is this slot keeps delivering a fun experience.

When you are ready to play, just hit the button labelled ‘spin’ and the individual balls will fall to occupy their place, whilst the identical balls which make up a string that has five or more will reward you with a win. The winning symbols are then removed, and the balls shift to allow for multiple wins to take place. The slot also provides extra games, multipliers, and scatters.

Betting and Winnings

When it comes to placing your bet in Techno Tumble are reliant on you using 25 coins and these allows you to pick the amount going to each line and coin value. The minimum bet you can place is worth $0.25 although for the high rollers this slot lets you bet considerably more should you wish to do so.

There is a top jackpot pay out of 13,080x your bet and this is the highest that the wins go even if these are created through pay outs and multipliers. However, this is a stake is the highest that the game will go, when delivering wins through its pay groups and multipliers. This is an excellent jackpot prize, but it does reflect the extremely high volatility that is used in this slot.
When you are looking at a slot that typically offers a return to player of 96.73%, though usually the casinos have their own range of return to player which start from 92.06% and can reach as much as 98.05%. It is vital that you check what the return to player is set at before you start to play at your favoured online slot provider site.

Techno Tumble Slot Features

There is one thing that really makes the developers at Habanero proud when it comes to Techno Tumble and this is the actual physics that this slot implements and it is thanks to this that allows the pinball styled symbols will drop and settle into the gaming area in a totally natural way. The pinballs come in various sizes which is the key to landing the irregular cluster formations. The symbols do not form as they would on regular reels with rows of symbols, instead they fall into this pit that has a bump in the middle and this is how the pinballs form pay groups when the same symbols match and connect.

When you get lucky and land at least one paying group of symbols they are followed by rounds where the pinballs cascade to replace the winning symbols with the new ones with the hope that the new ones will create even more winning combinations, and increasing multipliers are then applied too.

The other fabulous feature is the free spins which can be activated when you land three or more scatters in the same way as the other wins are created. You will be rewarded with 8 free spins for the initial scatters and four extra free spins for each additional scatter that you land.


Techno Tumble is an innovative and remarkably interesting new game format and although the wins on offer are generous the volatility is also as high as it gets. Due to this a beginner should be cautious until they get the hang of the game, but those more experienced players who are happy to take the big risks will find this game irresistible.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game; and it is so refreshing to get a slot that is so different to anything else that is currently on the market. For this reason, I can see Techno Tumble becoming a firm favourite with many players.

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