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Overview Totem Towers

For this slot game, players are transported to the mysterious and colourful world of central America where the Mayan people rule. This latest slot by Habanero Games not only packs a punch visually but is about as exciting as slots get when it comes to top prizes. However, to get anywhere near the incredible 10,100x your stake top prize, players will have to battle their way through the terrifying jungle and unlock the power of the spiritual totems.

Assisting you along the way is a plethora of extra features, including a Free Spins round, a Line Booster feature and the unique Totem Tower feature. This latter feature turns reels completely wild when you land three matching symbols on one reel, leading to some very spicy payouts indeed. It is recommended that players strap themselves in for a truly wild spinning experience, different from anything they have come by before.

Theme and Symbols

The Mayan/Inca/Aztec theme offers a lot in terms of attractive settings and colourful cues. In starting the game players are thrust deep into the jungle, where exotic mysterious lie behind every corner. If you want the full experience, it is definitely worth turning the music on and listening to the brilliant atmospheric tribal drumbeats which build tension and give you the impression of being in an Indiana Jones film.

The central feature to this game in terms of visual appeal though, is clearly the totem icons themselves which represent the symbols for this game. These are a collection of animal-inspired idols, representing the Mayan gods. There are four high paying symbols for this game, these are recognisable as the animal-inspired totems, such as the orange tiger and the green snake. The lower value symbols are in the same colours but are represented as other icons such as flowers, cacti, and leaves. The human-like mask is the wild. Finally, the scatter is very easy to spot, as it is an idol with the word ‘scatter’ written upon it.

Game Play

This terrific jungle adventure is played on a 6-reel, 3-row board with 25 ways to win. However, this changes if you manage to unlock the Line Boost feature which adds more pay lines to the grid. For the duration of the game, stacked symbols are always in play, with the ability to suddenly transform a reel completely wild, thanks to the Totem Tower feature. The free spins round for this game is also uncommonly generous, with the chance of winning 100 free spins.

The Totem Towers betting range is between £0.25 and up to £125 per spin. To adjust their bet levels, players can use the tools located at the bottom right-hand corner of the playing screen. To form wins, a player must match a minimum of 3 symbols on a pay line, starting from the left-most reel.

The volatility for Totem Towers has been described by the software developers as in the medium range. RTP for Totem Towers is reassuringly high at 96.58%. The biggest draw for many to this game will be its top payout, which is a massive 10,100x your stake.


There are 3 main bonus features at your fingertips for Totem Towers, these are a Line Booster feature, a Totem Tower feature, and a Free Spins round.

The Line Booster feature is designed to grow the number of pay lines that are available for you to play as the game progresses. At the base level, there are 25 pay lines available to play. However, depending on which lines you form a win on, you can open new ones. For example, to unlock lines 26-40, you must get wins on 5-19 on a single spin. This works in an exponential pattern, the more you unlock, the faster you unlock the others. This can lead to you having 70 plus lines to play on.

The next feature is the Totem Tower feature. As explained above, every time a reel lands three of the same symbol on it, the reel itself will turn completely wild. The wilds then help to form more wins with a new payout calculation to follow the triggering spin.
Lastly, there is the Free Spins feature. To activate this feature, players much land three of the scatter symbols on the grid simultaneously. The more scatters landed for the triggering spin, the more spins you are granted to take into the bonus round. 3 scatters grant you 10. 4 grant you 15. 5 grant you 25. 6 grant you 100. You can also retrigger the free spins bonus from within the feature by landing yet more scatters.

Stacked symbols are also at play in this game giving players more opportunities to score wins thanks to their homogenous format.


Totem Towers impresses on all fronts. The theme is deep and richly coloured with plenty of thought given to the player’s visual and audio experience. The multiple features, including the unique Totem Towers bonus, keep the game fresh and moving quickly. Lastly, the generous volatility and RTP plus that amazing top payout make Totem Towers a numerically safe bet in terms of risk and reward. The line booster bonus is especially gratifying, as you can feel your odds getting better as you play through the game.

Frequently Asked Questions Totem Towers

How many pay lines are there available for Totem Towers?

Initially Totem Towers has 25 pay lines. However, thanks to the Line Booster feature, players can continue to open new pay lines as they generate wins. This can lead to players eventually being able to play with 70 plus pay lines.

Who developed Totem Towers?

The online slot game Totem Towers was created by the industry giant Habanero Games.

Does Totem Towers have good bonus games?

Totem Towers has 3 top features: A Line Booster, the Totem Towers feature and Free Spins.

What is the RTP for Totem Towers?

The return to player percentage for Totem towers is a generous 96.58%.

What is the maximum win a player can achieve on one spin?

The top payout for Totem towers is a huge 10,100x your stake.

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