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Lucky 3 Free Slots

Gaming companies are constantly updating their offerings with fresh content whilst players are always looking for new games to play, but what is it that makes a free slots stand out amongst so much competition? Lucky 3 really captures these feelings with its unique and exciting gameplay even if it is aimed towards those with a low amount to spend. Lucky 3 is built around a 5x5 grid of reels and the reels can be set spinning with a bet of just 0.05 with a maximum spend of 5.00 per spin. Lucky 3 can be played on any device so players can play on the go! Once the slot games is in play players can indulge in multipliers that top out at x5 and there is also a great 500-coin jackpot up for grabs.

It is hard to describe this slot machines as it is so different from anything we have come across before but we will give it a go! To begin with the online slot is nothing like a standard as you have a 5x5 grid full of fruity symbols which sit in the centre of the screen with the control panel tucked below them. Before you can spin the reels, players have to choose their bet level using the coin adjuster, and the pay table sits next to the coin adjuster and it is here that players can check out the possible winnings, see the rules and so on. Situated to the left of the pay table is how players can win the jackpot, with the multipliers of x1 to x5 are found on the right of the reels and then come into play when the player lands a win. The only symbols that players will come across in lucky 3 is watermelons, cherries and lemons. Technically the graphics are pleasant as is the music that accompanies the slot, the only worry could be that players may get bored quick.


Design and symbols

What can you win on Lucky 3? Well, there isn’t any huge cash reward on offer but play 5.00 a spin and you can win a super 500.00. The non-progressive jackpot can be won if the player lands a complete row of lemons om reel number 5 where the x5 multiplier will boost your coin value to x20 your stake or 500 coins. As you only ever have 3 symbols on the reels it is easy to see how you can win, but here are some pointers:

Watermelons will bring in wins of 1 coin for 3 of a kind, 3 coins for 4 of a kind and 10 coins for 5 of a kind.

Cherries will bring in wins of 2 coins for 3 of a kind, 5 coins for 4 of a kind and 15 coins for 5 of a kind.

Lemons will bring in wins of 5 coins for 3 of a kind, 10 coins for 4 of a kind and 25 coins for 5 of a kind.



When it comes to bonus features there is nothing on offer, however, thanks to the multipliers players can still boost their winnings. This is a simple slot for fun to play so players only really need to do is select their bet and keep their fingers crossed for a win on one of the 5 rows. Row 1 multiplies winnings by x1, Row 2 multiplies winnings by x2, Row 3 multiplies winnings by x3, Row 4 multiplies winnings by x4 and the final Row 5 multiplies winnings by x5 the coin prize showing.

Lucky 3 is not for the high rollers seeking fast and furious chances to win big as the bets are capped to 5.00 per spin however the jackpot won’t be enough for those with plenty of cash to splash, but for smaller budgets there is a lot of fun to be had. When we gave this slot machine a go we hit 5 of a kind on the 5th row on several occasions, sadly we never got the lemons, however it proves that this is a high paying video slots.

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