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Slot Details
SoftwareJade Rabbit Studio
Demo ModeOn
Payout 12.056x your stake
Most valuable symbol Wooden mask
Min. Bet 0.50 demo coin
Max Bet. 100 demo coin
TAGS Latest

Jambo Cash Slot Overview

jambo-cash-slotJambo Cash is the new game from Jade Rabbit Studios, combining the look of the African Savannah with slot mechanics we’ve all seen before. The game also comes with a low chance of hitting a big win, with cash symbols typically lining up at low values. However, there are plenty of interesting features to be found in the game, and it’s worth a couple of plays at the very least. So, if you’re a fan of the ‘tribal’ look, check out our review of Jambo Cash in full below. 

An African theme slot game, Jumbo Cash comes with a neatly animated background that displays a stereotypical African savannah in full, with hints of the jungle to match. The game interface itself takes place on a ‘tribal’ cut wooden board, with symbols lining up in a 6 by 4 configuration. The look of the design itself is quite impressive, with the accompanying music perfect for setting the scene - a calm melody featuring a slowly building percussion as you play on. As far as the general theme of the game goes, the developer’s have struck a balance between playability and design very well. 

The game has 4096 ways of winning; wins are matching symbols adjacent to each other. The slot plays with 6 reels, and players will start by placing the bet they want to play - the lowest bet able to place is 50p and the maximum is £100. With the minimum bet being a high price of 50p, this is a game that tends not to favour any low rollers. However, the RTP currently stands at a fairly average score of 96.6%, which may instantly turn off any wannabe players. 


jambo-cash-bonusThere are 8 standard symbols in the game, as well as one bonus symbol, a ‘wild’ multiplier, and the slot reels can also feature instant win symbols. All slots must be matched left or right of each other, with basic payout levels available with three matching symbols rolled next to each other. The lowest amount that can be won is 8p. 

The instant win symbols will appear with different prize amounts shown, but can be matched no matter the prize in question, and only two are required for a match. As for the bonus symbol, if a player matches 3 or more in a row, they can win free spins for the game. The bonus symbols will only roll on reels 1, 3, and 5. The wild multiplier itself, when rolled, will substitute all symbols except for the bonus symbol, and will roll a multiplier between 1 and 5 when landing. If more than one multiplier is rolled, the multiplying numbers will be added together, and then rolled to for the total payout. 


jambo-cash-wildJambo Cash, considering it’s low amount of potential, has quite a few features that make it fun to play. First it comes with a bonus game, where any low paying symbols currently on paylines are converted into instant win pieces. The bonus game also allows the player to choose how many low paying symbols are converted, as well as given the ability to pick a ‘Mystery’ option to allow the game to decide. 

As mentioned, there are also free spins available in the game, which is good potential for any player. Players may choose how many spins they are given, with between one and three paylines converted into instant win symbols. The lower amount of free spins taken, the higher the instant win payout. 


Jambo Cash has a lot to offer, but the developer’s haven’t quite ironed out the max potential in the game yet. Fun for a few rounds, the game takes a while to warm up, and veteran slot players may find themselves getting tired very quickly. 

Jambo Cash FAQs

What is Jambo Cash’s RTP?

The current RTP of Jambo Cash is 96.6%, which is fairly average on the slots paytable.

What’s Jambo Cash’s Volatility?

The volatility of Jambo Cash is high, thanks to the average low payout but the chance to win up to 3125x on the multiplying ‘wild’ slots.

What’s the biggest win you can roll?

The biggest win you can technically roll on the game is up to 12056x the original stake. However, the biggest win ever recorded in the game’s history was 5872x the bet in place.

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