Lady Luck Games launched in 2019 and currently boasts a small but talented team of four developers. Despite this small team, they clearly have a desire to create something entirely different from what you’ve seen so far, which reflects in their quality games that are developed all in-house without input from the big boys in the business.

Lady Luck Games

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Lady Luck Games Overview 

  • A small but talented team that develops everything in-house
  • Simple designs put a strong focus on the gameplay
  • Their website includes some demos to test the games 
  • Regular updates across social media to keep fans in the loop
  • High-end technology makes Lady Luck Games one to watch

The History of Lady Luck Games 

The company was founded in Sweden and immediately got people within the iGaming industry talking due to the careful game designs that seem to come from a much larger team. As you already know, the team is tiny, especially compared to other software providers, but this has worked in Lady Luck’s favor. 

Lady Luck Games Slot Machines

Although relatively new in the grand scheme of everything, Lady Luck Games already knows what it’s doing, and this has made the company prolific. The website boasts eight games that take you around the world and through history to make sure you get the full experience. These games include Orange Tango and Weight of the Gun, and you can also try free online slots like Valhôll Hall of the Slain or Lucky Mr. Wild, here on Slots-777 if you’re feeling, well, lucky. 

The game styles are not exactly innovative, but they make up for this in the gameplay that’s more than sure to keep players engaged across a wide range of platforms (especially quality mobile performance), and in markets that you don’t always find quality and fun slot machine games. 

Lady Luck Games Portfolio

Lady Luck Games has plenty of token-based and free-to-play games for you to choose from, which is impressive coming from such a small studio. If you’re looking for the very best example of what makes Lady Luck Games such an intriguing software provider, we’ve selected two games that you need to try.

  • Orange Tango: This online 3D slot game offers five reels and three rows with 15 paylines to follow as you progress through the game. It comes with varying volatility and an impressive 96% RTP, which is sure to keep you playing. Its impressive style creates a vivid picture of the rainforest where you’re joined by orangutans and crazy banana free spins that up the ante and makes it one of the most unpredictable – and enjoyable – options. 
  • Weight of the Gun: Weight of the Gun boasts a similar design and format to Orange Tango. But, rather than the humid rainforest, you’re dropped in the arid heat of the Wild West. In classic Western fashion, the aim is to survive and pick up some coin along your journey as you encounter fascinating characters that bring the game to life and deal with the tricky snake wild feature and Mexican Standoff that takes Weight of the Gun to another level.

And these games are just the tip of the iceberg. With different settings, you’ll never feel bored playing Lady Luck’s games, although the lack of cohesion could be seen as a positive or a negative depending on how you like to play.

Lady Luck Games Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about Lady Luck Games?

Lady Luck Games focuses on a simple design that will appeal to all types of players and will make newcomers feel comfortable. The straightforward style also makes the site easy to navigate, which is always pleasing to witness.

What are some of Lady Luck Games’ best games?

The most popular of Lady Luck’s portfolio is Orange Tango, but make sure you don’t sleep on Weight of the Gun. Free to play games like Lucky Mr. Wild and Ruler of Egypt will give you a taste of what to expect.

What features will I find on Lady Luck Games?

Fun features are the name of the game and this means high volatility as well as Free Spins and Random Wilds that can appear at any time.

Will I find anything original in these games?

As a new company that develops every game in-house, Lady Luck Games needs something to stand out, and its quality graphics and exciting bonus features are already getting players excited about what’s to come

What is the Lady Luck Games Audience?

From PC to mobile, Lady Luck Games has thought of everything, and this means it’s perfect for anybody who enjoys slot machine games and wants to give small software providers a boost.


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