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Introducing Leander Games’ new slot: Way of the Labyrinth

Ancient Greece. One of the most interesting eras of history for so many. This is primarily due to the extensive Greek mythology of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera and the plethora of other gods and goddesses. Not only that, but the many stories of mortal beings venturing on intrepid quests and beating death himself, like that of the Aeneid, give onlookers a belief of how incredibly brave and courageous the Ancient Greeks were.

Another thing that shows how incredibly brave these Greeks were, was the maze that was ordered to be built. Designed by Daedalus, this maze was aptly named the Labyrinth, and this is where Leander Games got the inspiration for their brand-new slot. Originally built for Crete after the birth of the Minotaur, a half bull half human creature, born of an affair of Pasiphae and a Cretan Bull that was not sacrificed. Daedalus was also imprisoned in this maze with the Minotaur but was given his own workshop.

This Labyrinth is the premise for this slot, with Greek mythology encapsulating the symbols and influences the entire slot. The background of the reels is mountains and darkening skies, with the walls of the maze just visible at the base of the slot. The reels themselves are in the typical Ancient Greek style, with pale pink and blue marble surrounding the deep burgundy backing of the reels themselves.

With a plethora of legendary creatures filling the grid, we are already in love with Leander Games’ Ways of the Labyrinth slot. Read on to hear more about the features and potential this slot has to offer.

Bets and statistics

The betting range for the slot isn’t incredible, we will say that. While we love the actual slot, the betting side of things disappoints us a little. Starting off at 25p, the bets only go as high as £12.50, which doesn’t seem huge in comparison to slots on the market today that reach £200+. However, it does make it the perfect slot for a player to start out on.

The highest jackpot available is 200 times the stake that the player chooses. This means that the highest potential win from this slot is £2,500. While it’s not great, it’s a good start for the players who haven’t played a huge number of slots in the past.
Finally the RTP (return to player) is set at 95.89%, which means that you can win approximately £95.89 for every £100 you put in. However, this is based on millions of spins, and since the whole concept of slots is randomness, you never know what you could win!

Greek symbols

The symbols are all derived from the Greek mythology and therefore there is no royals here. Instead, the lower paying symbols are shown as letters from the Greek alphabet, each two-toned, with stunning colours bringing vibrancy to the reels.
The higher paying value include Cerberus, the Minotaur, Medusa, and the logo of the slot. For those of you who do not know, Cerberus is the three-headed dog that guards the underworld, and Medusa, also known as the Gorgo, was one of three women who had living venomous snakes in place of their hair, a simple eye contact turning you to stone.

The only other symbol is the wild which is shown as the top side of the Labyrinth and this has the ability to replace all other symbols except for the bonus symbol which helps trigger the Free Spins feature. Replacing other symbols gives the player a higher chance of creating winning combinations.

Main features for the player

There are a couple of mythological bonuses which are mini features and can be activated on any given spin. The first is the Medusa Wilds, which sees any Medusa symbol on the reels turning into a wild. The next is a Minotaur Mystery sees random symbols turn into matching ones. Finally there is the Infectious Cerberus, which sees random symbols exploding and causing neighbouring ones to transform into matching symbols.

The Respin Feature is next and may activate if one or two Free Spins symbols land in view. The reels containing these symbols will lock in place while the others will respin. The main aim of this feature is to give you enough free spin symbols to trigger the main Free Spins feature.

To trigger this, you will need at least six of the Free Spin scatter symbols to land anywhere on the reels. Landing six scatters gives 10 free spins, while seven or eight awards the player 12 free spins. Nine to eleven of these scatters offers 15 free spins, while twelve to twenty sees the player given 25 free spins to play with.

During the Free Spin round, Medusa may turn into a wild and have a multiplier of up to 2x together, and more than one can become multiplied together. If Free Spins symbols land during this round, but there is not enough to retrigger the feature, i.e. less than six land, then these scatters will also turn into wilds to aid the player in their quest for big wins.

Concluding the Ways of the Labyrinth

This slot is incredible. The betting range isn’t incredible, but the rest of the slot is amazing. The graphics are stunning, making the player feel fully at home in the Ancient Greek realm. With the potential wins sitting lower than we’d like, the features really amp up the fun-value, with stunning respins and free spins for the player to enjoy. Whether Ancient Greek mythology interests you, or you just need a slot to start you off, this is definitely one we’d suggest.


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