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Slot Details
SoftwareMancala Gaming
Bonus symbolWild
Min. Bet 0.50 demo coin
Max Bet. 45 demo coin
Available onCasumo

Overview Coco Tiki

Mancala is back with a new and exciting release, this one is centred around a Hawaiian paradise where blue seas and perfect sandy beaches make players think of holidays to sunnier climbs. This game has been created to encourage new players into the world of online slot games. It's easy to grasp game mechanics, soft and simple graphics and inviting theme all point to encouraging perhaps the less experienced player to come and enjoy this accessible gambling option. This game has an especially pleasing dynamic that is both novel and relaxing. This is the ocean waves spin function which uses the lapping waves of the oceans to shuffle the symbols rather than the conventional spin mechanic.

Most of the bonus gameplay in Coco Tiki is determined by the appearance of the message in a bottle symbol, which when opened reveals an X or an O. These X or O symbols then become sticky. With every new free spin, a new bottle appears on the reels. What you are looking for is to land 3 X symbols on the board. This will give you an umbrella fill up the meter at the side of the board. You need 4 of these umbrellas to trigger a bonus pick ‘em game that awards more free spins and multipliers depending on your success and the tier that you manage to reach. The top tier awards 25 free spins and a 2x multiplier.

Theme and Symbols

The theme for Coco Tiki is an island paradise presided over by anthropomorphised wooden tiki statue who is relaxing on a deck chair sipping a cocktail. His presence is we think supposed to make players feel relaxed and assist in mentally transporting themselves to a beach somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. This illusion might be a little more convincing if the graphics and illustrations weren’t quite so simple. Indeed, there is something quite infantile about the symbols and background for this slot which makes this online gambling slot feel more like a children’s video game. This will obviously not appeal to all audiences; however, beginners might appreciate the soft feel to everything.

The background for Coco Tiki is a sandy beach with mountains, a volcano and palm trees dotted around in the distance. The perspective of the game feels a little odd, in that it looks like you are perceiving the island through a fisheye lens, with all of the features rounded in shape. The background really is very simple but still fulfils its remit of making you feel like you have been transported to an island (even if the said island is largely two dimensional). In terms of gaming tools, you will see the spin button on the right disguised as a coconut and to the left, you will see the coconut drink meter which comes into play when you are trying to activate Coco Tiki’s bonus game.

There isn’t too much to be said about the board apart from that it has been made as simple as possible with no lines or demarcation of symbols. All players need to do is keep an eye on the formation of the 9 symbols that change with the tide. By this, we mean the circular ocean that rises from the bottom of the reels.

There are 6 regular symbols for Coco Tiki and 1 special symbol which has two variations, these latter 2 come into play in the bonus rounds. The regular symbols are the Pufferfish, which is the least valuable symbol in this game, followed by the Turtle and Jellyfish. Next up from these are the Pink and Orange fishes, which pay the same. Then there is the Starfish and finally the Crab. The Crab is the most valuable regular symbol in this game and pays out pretty well for 3 in combination. The bonus symbols are the message in a bottle scatter and the X and Os which come from the bottle. Remember you want 3 Xs to progress to the pick-em bonus round.

Game Play

Coco Tiki is played on a 3-reel, 3-row playing board with 5 active pay lines. To create winners in this game, players must match a minimum of 3 symbols across a pay line starting on reel 1. To change your betting level per spin, use the bet adjuster tool located at the bottom of the playing window. The betting range for Coco Tiki is 50p to £45 per spin.
Further information regarding the slot, including a display of the paytable, can be accessed by clicking on the settings menu. The spin button is located to the right of the centre of the reels. You can set up auto spins in the game’s menu.
The volatility for Coco Tiki has not been disclosed by those at Mancala. The return to player percentage for Coco Tiki is 95%, a little lower than average. The biggest payout that players can win on one spin is 300x your total stake.


This game essentially has two bonuses: the Coco Tiki bonus round and the Tiki Bar bonus round. The first of these bonuses is activated when the message in a bottle symbol turns up on the reels. When you are in this round every spin that you are given is free. With each new spin or tide, a new bottle is added to the reels which will then reveal an X or an O. These symbols stick in place for the duration of the round.

The Xs act as this game’s wild when within the bonus round, helping you to score more wins. Landing 3 Xs on the reels will add one umbrella to the Drink Meter located on the left-hand side of the reels. On the other hand, if 3 Os land the play returns to the base game.

Collecting four meter points by collecting 3 Xs multiple times is how you will trigger this game’s other bonus round. When the Tiki Bar bonus round is activated, the game will take you to a new screen where players are presented with 3 coconut shells. Inside one of these shells is a pearl. The Tiki Man who has lounged around most of the game then shuffles the shells and asks you to pick one to discover the missing pearl. If players choose correctly, they will progress to the next level of the bonus game. If they get it wrong, they will be taken back to the base game. Depending on the round that you reach determines the prize you are awarded:

The level 1 pearl awards 5 free spins.
The level 2 pearl awards 15 free spins.
The level 3 pearl awards 25 free spins with a 2x multiplier.


Simple but with a few fun features and twists, Coco Tiki might be a good place to start if you are unsure that you want to give online slot gambling a try. Having said that, we would recommend that you still play it on the demo version first, as the RTP and top prize are pretty woeful. If you are looking for a little fun without too much risk though, this might be a good option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions Coco Tiki

How many pay lines does this slot have?

Coco Tiki has 5 fixed pay lines.

What is the return to player percentage for Coco Tiki?

The RTP for this game is 95%.

What is the most you can bet on one spin in Coco Tiki?

The maximum bet per spin is £45.

Which provider created Coco Tiki?

This game was created by Mancala.

What is the maximum win you can achieve from one spin in this game?

The top win from one spin for this game is 300x your stake.

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