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Totem Island Free Slots

Totem Island is the island that has never been discovered where there are several unusual ceremonies and bitter tasting potions amidst the magic and the world that players know, and love is not quite what it seems. This place can only be in the faraway land created by Evoplay that is known as Totem Island. Despite the creepy looks, players need not fear the natives they find living on Totem Island, although unfamiliar to Western life, they are welcoming and friendly to those who discover the island. In fact, the natives are so generous that they have various bonuses ready for players which all culminate in a final jackpot that is worth a whopping 80,000 credits, and that is certainly not something players will want to miss out on.

When players begin strolling through the greenery, they will see overgrown flora and unknown wildlife along with several glowing ingredients hidden within chests and big cook pots. Once players have walked into the depths of the greenery a small hut will come into view, and there is a stranger stood outside who will smile and beckon players in whilst sharpening his spear but do not fear the spear is not destined for you! The 5-reels are encased within a Totem frame which is expertly decorated with skulls and this is the gateway to all the gold coupled with the 20 pay lines which will be the home for all the winning combinations. Players will soon become aware of the mystical glow which emanates from here but when they take a good look at the tiles they will see immediately that there is an assortment of weathered dried up shrunken heads and the usual card values which hold magic in a way that players will have never come across before.



These heads and masks are home to a range of values that begin at 20,000 and go up to the maximum 80,000 pay out, and even landing just three will provide rewards that are in the thousands even though they are far smaller. The slot also has a wild and scatter symbol with the scatter not only rewarding players with a fair size amount of money but also 20 free spins which give the players even more of a chance of landing some prizes without having to spend more money. Once the sins have all been played out the player is faced with three cards and they then pick one to select the bonus they are going to receive, this could be two separate multipliers or a further 20 free spins. The wild as players will expect can substitute for all other symbols except the scatter and when the wild lands on the third reel it expands. Once in the bonus game players will come across a row containing 12 stones which have amounts hidden right out of sight. The player then needs to match the stones in the right order to be rewarded with a prize.



Totem Island is not going to break the bank as far as playing is concerned, you can begin playing for as little as 0.50 to a maximum of 2.00 credits, this is the stake that the majority of Evoplay video slots require. As well as this, there are 20 pay lines on offer however these are flexible, so players can really tailor the slot to their own individual requirements. This coupled with the Double Game feature and you know everything that you need to get started. Finally, there is the button that bears the label double, this is the option where players can take a chance and double all the cash they have won by making the right choice between two different outcomes, whilst this can be exhilarating, take a word from the wise and remember that as easily as you are able to double your winnings you can also lose them just as quickly!



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