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big-bang-boom-slotNetEnt's Big Bang Boom is a dynamic online slot that captures the vibrant essence of urban street art through its graffiti-inspired theme.

The game features a lively color palette and artistic symbols, including a regal crown, a heart, a butterfly, and a cheerful smiley face, all designed to infuse each spin with a sense of artistic wonder and excitement.

This slot stands out with its unique combination of street art aesthetics and engaging gameplay features, offering players an immersive urban adventure.

Big Bang Boom Overview

Big Bang Boom by NetEnt takes the vibrant, energetic world of street art and transforms it into an enthralling slot game experience. This game is an ode to urban artistry, capturing the essence of graffiti culture with every spin. With a backdrop that mimics a spray-painted city wall and symbols that look like they're stenciled in by an anonymous night-time artist, the game's theme appeals to both art aficionados and slot enthusiasts alike.

The slot combines the gritty, vivid aesthetic of street art with the excitement of slot gameplay. Each element, from the graffiti-tagged symbols to the explosive features like bomb symbols and expanding reels, reflects a deep appreciation for street art's dynamic forms and bold colors.

NetEnt has successfully created a game environment that feels both familiar to urban dwellers and inviting to those new to the genre, offering a fresh perspective on slot gaming by incorporating a theme seldom explored with such depth in this industry.

Through its gameplay, Big Bang Boom invites players to dive into a world where art and gaming intersect, delivering an experience that’s as rewarding visually as it is in its potential payouts.

The game's innovative mechanics, including a variety of bomb features that alter the game grid and a treasure prize system, ensure that the play is as dynamic and unpredictable as the art form it celebrates. This game not only offers a chance to win but also an opportunity to engage with a unique cultural aesthetic, making each session a new discovery in the urban landscape of street art.

Big Bang Boom Symbols

The symbols in Big Bang Boom are a vibrant homage to the art of graffiti, bringing the pulse of the street directly onto the reels. Each symbol has been designed to echo the raw, expressive energy of street art, transforming ordinary slot symbols into pieces of urban artwork.

  • Smiley Face: a blue, cheerful icon that adds a light-hearted, playful element to the game. This symbol is not only visually appealing but also carries higher value, offering rewarding payouts.
  • Butterfly: rendered in a vivid green, the butterfly symbol represents transformation and freedom, themes often explored in street art.
  • Heart: this purple heart symbol is more than just a representation of love; it's stylized in a way that speaks to the passion and soul inherent in both street art and the gameplay of Big Bang Boom.
  • Crown: a yellow crown that might remind players of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s iconic crown motif, suggesting regality and the high value associated with this symbol in the game.

These primary symbols are complemented by lower-value card ranks (J, Q, K, A), which are presented in a stencil font that mimics the quick, sharp lines of spray paint. This careful attention to detail in the design reflects the authenticity of the game's theme and enhances the overall visual experience.

Each symbol is not just a trigger for potential wins but a celebration of graffiti culture, imbued with color, life, and the spirit of rebellion that defines street art. The integration of these artistic symbols into the gameplay makes every spin a visually stimulating experience, aligning with the energetic and sometimes unpredictable nature of both street art and slot gaming.

Big Bang Boom Features

Big Bang Boom offers a dynamic array of gameplay features that enhance its urban art theme and elevate the player experience. Here's a closer look at these engaging features.

Expanding Reels: central to the game’s dynamic, the reels can expand vertically during gameplay. This happens when winning symbols are adjacent to covered positions or when one of the various bomb symbols explodes nearby, uncovering hidden rows. This expansion not only adds visual excitement but also increases the potential number of winning combinations.

Avalanche Feature: this popular mechanic is utilized brilliantly in Big Bang Boom. Winning symbols, once paid out, are removed from the reels, allowing new symbols to cascade down into their place. This can lead to successive wins from a single spin, continuing until no more wins are possible. Each avalanche increases the tension and potential for significant payouts, reflecting the sudden and transformative nature of street art.

Bomb Symbols: the game includes an innovative array of bomb symbols, each with unique effects:

  • Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal Bombs clear symbols in specific patterns, enhancing the potential for wins and reel expansions.
  • Plus-Pattern and Omni-Directional Bombs offer broader clearing patterns, removing multiple symbols across the grid.
  • Cluster Bombs add randomness by clearing blocked tiles, opening up new potential wins.
  • Persistent Bombs (exclusive to free spins) explode repeatedly, providing continuous action and reward opportunities during the free spins round.

Free Spins: triggered by achieving a fully expanded reel set, the free spins round in Big Bang Boom amplifies the excitement with special conditions. During free spins, bombs become even more potent, with explosions potentially increasing prize values. This feature mimics the game's explosive theme and can lead to the game's most significant payouts.

Treasure Prize Feature: whenever new positions are uncovered, either in the base game or during free spins, players can reveal hidden treasures. These can include additional free spins or cash prizes, adding a layer of unpredictability and thrill similar to discovering an unexpected piece of street art.

Bonus Buy Feature: for players looking to directly access the high-adrenaline parts of the game, the Bonus Buy option allows immediate entry into the free spins round, where the higher volatility and bigger win potential reside.

These features work together to create a gameplay experience that is as unpredictable and vibrant as the graffiti culture it represents. Each spin in Big Bang Boom can feel like a fresh paint stroke on a canvas, with explosive features that transform the game space and potential winnings dramatically.


Big Bang Boom combines the edgy aesthetics of graffiti with the thrill of slot gameplay, making it an exciting choice for players who enjoy visually stimulating and feature-rich online slots. The game's array of bomb symbols and unique reel-expanding mechanics provide a fresh and engaging experience that stands out in NetEnt's portfolio.

Big Bang boom FAQs

How do the different types of bombs work in Big Bang Boom?

Each bomb type has a unique effect, such as removing adjacent symbols, uncovering hidden prizes, or triggering multipliers during winning combinations.

What triggers the free spins in Big Bang Boom?

Free spins are triggered when the game grid reaches its maximum expansion, offering additional opportunities for wins with special gameplay mechanics.

Can the free spins feature lead to significant winnings?

Yes, during the free spins, bomb explosions can multiply prize values, potentially leading to substantial payouts.

How does the Treasure Prize feature enhance the gameplay?

This feature can reveal additional prizes and free spins when new positions are uncovered, adding an extra layer of excitement and opportunity to the gameplay.

What is the maximum potential win in Big Bang Boom?

Players can win up to 4,300 times their stake, offering a substantial payout potential within the urban-inspired adventure of the game.



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