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French Roulette Online - NetEnt

Regardless of the version of Roulette NetEnt make sure the players are armed with all the information to ensure they get the very best gaming experience they can. French Roulette is the latest addition to their ongoing selection of table games. Most people have experienced Roulette and have an idea of how it is played and let’s be real after all it is really a type of guessing game as in guessing where the ball will stop.

Even though French Roulette has been around for years, there is no doubt that it is one of the most rewarding and exciting games thanks to all of the variations that are provided at the many different casinos. Net Entertainment are arguably one of best providers of flash games in the industry and their games always impress.

The software design is outstanding, and their special features always fall in the players favour. It is for these reasons and that it is a single zero alternative with a house-edge of just 2.70% that French Roulette from NetEnt has such a huge following.

Rules and Limits

There is little difference between French Roulette and regular European roulette. The prizes and rules are almost identical, with the only real difference is that the bet combinations are written in French. The rules comply with European roulette, there are 37 slots, with 1 – 36 in red and black and this is a single-zero variation with the last slot being the 0 in green.

The minimum bet is €1.00, and the maximum is €500, which means the game is open to all players. Experienced players will see that the pay outs are standard with the highest being 35-1 for a winning Straight Up bet. In the bottom left hand corner is the pay table tab where all of the prize pay outs can be seen. The bet variations are also similar with the only change being that they are written in French, however, this is not a problem for those not conversant with the language as the English is also displayed.

The Game

French Roulette opens with an immaculate, animated spinning wheel, and it is soon obvious that this offering from NetEnt has the very best 3D visuals and graphic designs for a flash game. The simple interface is created superbly which is ideal for new players who are not familiar with the basics of Roulette. When the game begins the vibrant colours and 3D wheel are mesmerising as the wheel spins smoothly and effortlessly with outstanding ratio of frames per second.

Should the game lag on the device it is being played on players can adjust the quality of the graphics via the settings tab. Once ready to bet the player makes a choice from the chips in front of them with the chips starting from €1 up to the impressive €500, which make this an ideal game for even the most high-stakes enthusiasts.

Other Features

The background music and croupier announcing the results of every spin makes the game feel even more realistic however, if you just want to play in peace it is easy to turn everything off in the options menu. Features, Autoplay, Quick Spin and Favourite Bets There are many special features in NetEnt’s version of French Roulette making for an enriched player experience. In line with other version of Roulette released it is a must to have an Auto play feature.

The Auto play in NetEnt’s French Roulette can be set at a maximum of 1,000 spins so long as the player has the credits for it in place. This feature as advanced settings so players can adjust it to suit. The Quick Spin feature allows players to skip the introductory animated 3D wheel spinning, meaning that they can bet more in a shorter time period. Finally, there is the Favourite Bet feature which allows players to save their favourite bet combinations and give them their own name too.

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