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Overview Pharaoh's Ring slot

Pharaoh’s Ring was first released in April 2013 by Novamatic but was not that well received. The Ancient Egypt theme is original or new, but it appears that as time has moved on the general view of Pharaoh’s Ring has changed substantially. Putting any negatives to one side, players ideas and appreciation of this slot seem to have grown. Whilst the slot may not be a Novamatic classic but let us look and see whether there is more to this slot than it takes credit for.

Theme & Symbols

Although Pharaoh’s Ring has not had the kind of success that some slots from this developer have enjoyed, for example Lord of the Rings even though it has the same features for players to enjoy. The slot is aesthetically pleasing even though the theme is rather monotonous, and this most certainly stands in the slots favour. Most of the symbols have been used in other Egyptian and Pharaoh titles however there is one symbol in this slot that makes it stand apart from all the rest and this is the ancient book, referred to as the Book of Ra. As this is the most significant symbol it is the only symbols that can substitute for the other games symbols to help create winning combinations.

Game Play

The slot plays out on 5-reels and 20 pay lines and provides maximum pay outs to winning players that is 5,000x your original bet. This will be enough for some to forego the fact that there is no progressive jackpot but may not be enough for others.
There are a multitude of reasons why you should give this slot a try, even though at first you may not think it has the vital attributes that are required for it to contend with the other big-name slots in an online casino. However, I would not discount this slot too quickly as although it is simple you will see that it can be extremely effective.


The slot immediately stands out from the crowd as it is one of the few that offer an Extra bet feature. The game play is standard with a bet range that will suit all budgets. The Extra Bet is optional, although in my opinion you will want to take the chance as the extra value it brings is well worth it. The amount is calculated as a percentage of your total bet and this adds the Pharoah’s Ring symbol to your reels. This is obviously highly effective as you then have the chance to land additional wilds.

When you land three or more of the ancient book symbols on your reels the free spins feature is activated. Initially you will be rewarded with 10 free spins during which you can land the expanded symbols which will then provide you with increased wins.
During the game you can also activate additional bets and by doing so it adds some extra excitement to the game play. When you choose to activate the bets the Pharoah’s Ring can land on both your 2nd and 4th reels ad this is the wild all the time that you have the extra bets in play.

Pharaoh’s Ring has no progressive jackpot which compromises the game slightly as most of the competitor slots now a day are. However, this bears no issue on the actual game although some players may have come accustomed to playing for the big jackpots and could be disappointed.

Unfortunately, it is not just the progressive jackpot that is missing, there is no bonus game on offer either which is another aspect the slot lacks, and competitors will offer. More experienced players are used to playing the older slot games that did not have a bonus game or progressive jackpots attached. Therefore, it is more likely to only be the younger generation and new players that are likely to overlook this excellent slot in preference for the newer slots that offer more features.
Pharaoh’s Ring does offer and excellent gamble feature and when activated the player must guess the correct colour of the playing card that is presented, either black or red. The gamble feature can be repeated as many times as the player wants and when they have had their fill of the gamble feature it can be exited and they are taken back to the regular game.


Most players will find Pharaoh’s Ring easy to navigate and understand. There is a start button which players push to start the play. The other features this slot has to offer includes the gamble feature, which is built into most slots nowadays, although the gamble feature in this slot is different as it allows players to use the gamble feature at any time during the game which means that they can choose to gamble all the wins that they have created in their gaming session. Get lucky and your wins are doubled, get unlucky and you lose the lot!

There is an undeniable lack of features to be found within Pharaoh’s ring, but in defence of the game was it made available is easy enough to access. Everything within the game is displayed and explain clearly, which the game particularly simple from a function standpoint. It certainly stands for something that this game can be picked up and played without too much thought.
Although there is no doubt that there is a lack of features on offer in the slot Pharaoh’s Ring there are few slots that can be accessed straight away and offer such easy game play with clear and concise instructions.

In my opinion it is not always about the slot that offers everything, after all these are usually confusing and hard to get to grips with, but the ease and simplicity. For these reasons and the winnings, that I landed when I tested the slot, I would champion this slot over many of the new releases. My rating of this slot would be a solid 7.5/10 and I would urge players both old and new to give the reels a spin or two.

Frequently Asked Questions Pharaoh's Ring

When was this slot released?

This slot was first released in 2013.

How many reels and pay lines are in play in this slot?

There are 5-reels and 20 pay lines in this slot.

What is the maximum win?

The maximum pay outs are 5,000x the original bet.

Can the slot be played using a tablet?

This slot can be played using all devices including mobile phones.

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