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Overview Coils of Cash

Coils of Cash is the latest slot from the developers at Play n Go and one of the benefits of this gaming creators is that you will find a reasonable number of polished gems amongst the fillers and throw away slots that they produce. Coils of Cash is on ideal example of one of their polished gems as it is deceptively daring. To begin with this may appear to be just another slot, however once you have looked over the pay table you will truly find yourself in disbelief. For one reason or another Play n Go have decided to go big with Coils of Cash, and the result of this is a hugely entertaining slot that can reward more than any slot in their back catalogue.

Theme, Symbols and Design

When it comes to the theme and design, this slot will take you back to the end of the 19th century, where inventors such as Edison, Tesla or Westinghouse were pushing the boundaries of science and their beliefs. Although the wildest imagining of these scientists may not have taken shape, the world has benefited immensely from their creative minds. In our life if it gets dark, we flick a switch, and it is light. This process is effortless and therefore we do not register the paradigm shift in our quality of life that is electricity. Coils of Cash is set within this pioneering world of science and all that it has to offer.

Statistics and Gameplay

When you first look at Coils of Cash you may find that Megaways will spring to your mind, purely because of the single horizontal reel that runs along the top of the six main reels. The main reels have three positions, and the win ways are limited to 2,304 which certainly will alter your perception quickly. In keeping with the theme, the background uses images of early electrical devices complete with art deco lettering. This is a pleasing, unassuming look and offers little of the action that this slot has to offer.
You can join the electric revolution on any device which is great if you want to play on the go.

When it comes to choosing your bet, the minimum is just 10p per spin to the maximum which is £100 per spin which could see this slot being popular with all types of players. The potential stands out and the rest of the figures are respectable. The default return to player stands at 96.2% which is not that bad however, it is advisable to check which version you are playing as this can be set a lot lower. This is a highly volatile game which the developers have set at 10 out of 10 on their own scale, therefore you would be right to assume that this is as lethal as it can get but makes it an ideal setting for dedicated players to land the big wins on offer.

When it comes to landing winning combinations, these start from three of the same symbols up to six. The lowest paying symbols of the usual playing cards 9 through to Ace, whilst the remaining 4 are futuristic gadgets that almost defy description. If you land a line of six picture symbols you will be rewarded with a win of 2.5x to 5x your stake. The wild which is the symbol with the W on it can help to form winning combinations, but it is only available on the horizontal reel where it can replace all regular symbols to create the win combinations.


When it comes to the features, you will see that the cascading mechanic is at the heart of this slot and it kicks in after any win lands. The winning symbols are then removed from your reels to allow new symbols to drop into the empty spaces and give you the chance to create more winning combinations.

The four-position horizontal reel which is referred to as the Power Coil ties in perfectly with the cascades. Every symbol on the Power Coil can have a multiplier activated which starts from +1 for each symbol cascade on the corresponding reel up to a maximum of 5x. Wins that use a symbol on the Power Coil and carry a multiplier will have the multiplier applied to them, if there is more than one multiplier the values are then multiplied together up to a total of 625x your stake. When playing in the base game the cascade sequences and the multiplier will be reset.
To access the free spins, you need to land 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters and will be rewarded with 10, 15, 20, or 25 free spins, respectively. Any Power Coil multipliers from the activating spin will be carried over to the bonus round where they will not reset until the actual feature ends. Any scatters that land during the free spins will provide you with an additional 2 free spins.


Coils of Cash could be described as the type of object you find in an antique shop which fuels your curiosity to begin with but when you look more closely you realize immediately just how special it is. The first surprise was finding out that this is one of the highest paying slots to date from Play ‘n’ Go. It would have been rather odd however not unusual, to find massive multipliers backed by a modest potential, although this is a more common occurrence than you may think. The developers have avoided this awkward situation by following through on the 625x multiplier with potential wins that could rise as high as 30,000x your stake. Although we are used to wins of 5k with the odd 10k thrown in Play ‘n’ Go blows the lid off this entirely.

Why the developers have chosen to do this in a slot that comes across as low key is anyone’s guess. But who are we to question this, and players that want to hunt massive wins will find Coils of Cash to be an entertaining way of doing so? Multipliers which multiply with each other are a usual recipe for success and this is certainly the case in this slot. The mega pay-outs are rare but landing a set of Power Coils multipliers can very quickly launch an average win into something huge. On paper the match between ability and high volatility is exciting, in action you may find that you must stand away purely to avoid the sparks. Another welcome addition is the use of a cascading win system and this adds to the mega ways feel while providing players with extra entertainment while spinning for the enticing multipliers.

Coils of Cash should be played with an air of caution, in the same way as you would approach a 19th century electronic device. This is a slot game that offers a lot but could also see you burn your fingers as it is not easy to crack. However, and the Power Coils come into life you will certainly feel the giddy heights the likes of Edison found when he got his light bulb to work properly!

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