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Blackjack Low Overview

Probably the most famous and popular table game worldwide is Blackjack, so it is not surprising that the developers at Playson have launched their own variation that is aptly named Blackjack Low. Blackjack was first referred to by a literary giant from Spain, and the object of the game still remains the same. Thanks to Playson players can now enjoy a wonderful animated variation of classic card game.

Game play

Blackjack Low is a table game and is presented with expert aesthetics and design and offers players the standard bet options that players would expect. The game is played with 6 decks, each containing 52 cards which are shuffled at the start of each round. There is the potential for players to play up to five hands during each game, all they have to do is to bet on all of the five boxes if playing the desktop version or three boxes if playing using the mobile version. The aim of the game is for the player to beat the dealer.

Game features

Players can choose to bet a minimum of €0.10 up to a maximum of €5.00, and the amounts are then depicted onto the gaming chips that players use to bet. The features players can expect to have on offer are the special bets panel, double bet feature, insurance mode, re-bet mode and a split mode. Blackjack Low gives players the chance to play for free or play for real and whilst this is a very straightforward game, I would always urge players to use the free play just to get them accustomed to the game and any rules if applicable.

This game offers players an RTP of 99.67% which is low, but when I trialled the game, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount I won.

Theme and graphics

The game is displayed in 1280x720 pixels and is made up of three different sections. The first section is the video display area, and this is where the main table is laid out, when the player has the rules window open it replaces the video display area, however once the player clicks on the word rules they are taken straight back to the table. Up next is the game panel which players can find located at the bottom of the table and this shows the amount that the player currently has to play with along with the bet and win amounts. The final section is the keypad area which can be found on the right and left hand side of the video display area.

How to play

The objective of the game is for players to get a better hand than the dealer without exceeding the number 21, and dependent on the stage in the game players can be dealt another card (hit), to stick with the cards they have (stand), if they have two of the same cards they can split these to make two hands from the initial one.

Double which will double the means that the player can double their bet at this stage in the game, accept even money meaning that if they land the same cards as the dealer they are just paid out their initial stake and finally buy insurance which players would use if the first card the dealer has is an ace.


Blackjack is one of my most favoured games therefore I could be seen as being a little biased, however Blackjack Low from Playson is one of the most beautiful version of the game I have ever played. Blackjack is a classic game that will always amass a good following, but in terms of design this is certainly one to take a look at.

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