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Slot Details
Demo ModeAvailable
Payout 600x your stake
Special symbol Lucky red 7
Total Symbols 8 symbols
Theme Fruits
Betting range0.10-100 demo coins
Mobile Yes
Features Free Spins, Wild

Hot Burning Wins Overview

Playson is one of those rare slot providers tapping into rising demand for games that hark back to the classic days of slots. When we say this, we mean slots that had little if any features, next to no styling and gaming dynamics that were as simple as landing wins and getting payouts. With the advent of the digital slot machine, providers were overwhelmed with all the new options and design choices they could make, and in some instances, they took things a little too far. Hot Burning Wins and its sister slots are for the purists who play games to get payouts and have a good time.

There is only one solitary feature in this game which again speaks to the simplistic design of the slots offered by Playson. This bonus only occurs when players fill the reels (that is, all nine positions) with the same symbol. When this happens, players are treated to a x2 multiplier, which is applied to their win when this occurs. This function is how you come away with the top win of 600x your stake. Apart from this minor feature there is nothing else included.

Theme and Symbols

The theme for this slot is mostly derived from the classic casino slots that you find in establishments all over the world, from Macau to Vegas. The only slight angle that Playson has put on this game is the element of heat or 'Burning', which is reflected in the name, the red background and the stylistic changes made to the logo. Apart from this, however, there isn't much in this slot's design to differentiate it from another of Playson's classic free slot machine games. This is the downside to games like this, in that they all start to look and sound alike, so the element of novelty is not involved in selecting a new game to play.

The background for Hot Burning Wins is a smoky red view that looks like an explosion of spices such as paprika and chilli, hence Hot burning wins. The static background has no other function than to make the symbols sing from the board. Classic mono-dimensional backgrounds are very much part of Playson's new range of slots with this classic look and feel. The thinking behind this is that if players are focusing on the enchanting graphics of the background, then they are not very likely to be as focused on the game at hand and thus less interested in spinning the reels.

Like the background and every other element in this game, the board is as simple as it can possibly be. It is just a golden box, the interior of which is black, making the very bright fruity symbols pop off the reels nicely.

The symbols, as it will not surprise you to learn, are classic fruity symbols. There are nine paying icons in total. These begin at the low-value end of the spectrum with the cherries, which payout at 3x your stake for the top combination. These are followed by the plums, which pay 7x the stake for the top combo. Next are the oranges and lemons, followed by the grapes, which pay 15x your stake for the best combo. The watermelons have the same value as the grapes. The high-value symbols, however, are the BAR symbol, the bells and the lucky red 7. The lucky red 7 is the most lucrative symbol in the game, paying 60x the bet for the top combination. As mentioned, this game has no special symbols.

Game Play

Hot Burning Wins is played on a 3-reel, 3-row playing board with five fixed pay lines. To create winning combinations in this game, players must land three or more of the same symbol across a pay line from left to right, starting on the leftmost reel.
The betting range for Hot Burning Wins is 10p to as much as £100 per spin. To change your betting level per spin, use the bet adjuster tool located at the bottom of the playing window.

Further information regarding the slot, including a display of the paytable, can be accessed by clicking on the settings menu. The spin button is located to the bottom right of the reels. You can set up auto spins in the game's menu.
The volatility for Hot Burning Wins has been rated in the medium end of the spectrum. The return to player percentage for Hot Burning Wins is 96%. The biggest payout that players can win on one spin is 600x your stake.


The only bonus feature included in this game is a multiplier feature triggered when players manage to fill all nine positions on the reels with the same symbol.

Do this, and the game will reward you with a 2x multiplier that will be applied to the win after you achieve this. There is no wild or free spins bonus included here.


Simple gaming with pure slot spinning thrills, Hot Burning Wins is refined slots pleasure at its simplest. If you are looking for a no-nonsense, easy to play and understand slot with high-quality graphics and solid stats, then look no further. The only let-down here is the comparatively small max payout which only reaches 600x your stake.

Frequently Asked Questions Hot Burning Wins

How many reels does Hot Burning Wins have to play on?

This game has three reels.

What is the maximum prize in this slot?

The top payout for this game is 600x your stake.

Can you play this game on mobile devices?

Yes, Hot Burning Wins is optimised for all mobile devices.

What is the max RTP for Hot Burning Wins?

The RTP for Hot Burning Wins is 96%

What is the betting range for Hot Burning Wins?

The betting range for Hot Burning Wins is 10p to £100.

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