Age of the Gods Mighty Midas

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Age of the Gods Mighty Midas Slot Machine

If you like mythological slot games, then today you can try for free and enjoy the Age of the Mighty Midas slot machine, a game inspired by the legendary King Midas. The Age of the Gods saga often drew from Greek mythological gods, such as Zeus or Poseidon, but also from Hera and Apollo, and other gods.

These games usually offer jackpots to be won, unfortunately only available in real money slot versions. In Age of the Gods Mighty Midas you can try the thrill of winning lots of money by aligning the icons in 40 different ways and also activating the bonus game, thanks to two scatters: you can win one of the 5 bonuses available, with many free spins and special features.

The online slot of the Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas is an exclusive of Playtech, a well-known brand that for years has been making games with a high graphic impact and unique gameplay. The saga Age of the Gods speaks of Greek gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo and this time also of King Midas, a known sovereign who had the gift of turning everything into gold. This spell, however, soon turned against him because the king could not even eat any more, since everything he touched became golden. In the same way, in this slot you will find the special Mida's Touch function that will allow you, when you see your finger, to turn a given symbol into wild. The slot covers a 5x4 box, 4 pay lines, 10 regular symbols, including some, those depicting the characters, which occupy two boxes at a time. In Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas you will also find 5 different bonuses with some free spins with different special features.


The Age of the Gods slot machine: Mighty Midas has a modern graphic, full of themed symbols that can be traced back to Greek mythology. like King Midas himself and the fauns, the legendary creatures that live in the woods and play harps. Among the low-value icons you will find food and drinks that King Mida is fond of, like roast chicken, goblet, grapes and more. The touch of King Midas is activated when the golden finger appears in the diagram, indicating which symbol will turn into Wild during the current game.

Special Free Spins

In Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas are 5 different bonuses, all of which are activated when two scatters are present on the same lap in the first and fifth reels. At that point the wheel will turn revealing a color, each of which corresponds to a different type of free ride: you can then win free spins with hundreds of wilds added in the reels, or with a symbol that becomes wild or even instant prizes with premium multipliers. The Mida's Touch feature can also appear on some of these free spins and when this bonus is already on a wild, a valuable x2 prize multiplier will appear.

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