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Overview Anaconda Wild 2 slot

Anaconda Wild 2 is the latest slot from the team at Playtech and joins many other online slots in the choice of theme which is the ancient civilizations of Central and South America. For this slot Playtech have chosen to feature the place Maya and there is no doubting that they chose well as this is a beautiful looking slot which they have executed expertly. From the little I know of Maya, the people lived in the jungles of South-eastern Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala as well as areas of El Salvador and Honduras from 2000 BC until the 1600s where they were defeated at the hands of the Spanish Empire.

People of Mayan descent were sophisticated people and even had their own way of writing. However, they were famous for their skill and advanced astronomical observatories and pyramid temples, and these were all built in the darkest depths of the jungle in central America where you may find your self coming face to face with an anaconda or two.

Whilst very few people would ever want to come face to face with this King of the snake world in the real-world players can be assured that in this game they most definitely will! When the Anaconda makes an appearance on your screen you can be guaranteed that you are in for big prizes.

Theme and Symbols

The graphics in this game are world class but this is only what you expect from Playtech slots. Players will find themselves cutting through the Central American rainforests and as they move through the trees, they uncover a stunning Mayan pyramid which is located on the left of the screen, whilst the Anaconda hangs down from the right. The soundtrack is made up of flute music and when combined with the bird song it creates the right ambience for being at the heart of the jungle.
When it comes to the symbols these all have a Maya theme and include purple chalices, emerald daggers, jade medallions, ruby encrusted rings, and treasure chests that are ripe for the opening. The highest paying symbol is the beautiful priestess with an unusual green headdress, whilst the lower paying symbols are the playing card suits.

Game Play

When you look at the slot quickly, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a normal 6-reel, 4-row slot with 4,096 ways to win. However, looks can be deceiving and the slot has 50 fixed pay lines (meaning that they are always in play) and you can only bet 25 coins rather than the usual 50.

If you get lucky and land six Daggers or Rings and you will be rewarded with 80 coins, the chalice pays out 120 coins, the treasure chests are worth 160 coins, the Priestess 600 coins and wilds pay 1,000 coins. The four playing card suits will reward you with 50 coins. There is no scatter in Anaconda Wild 2.

There is a huge bet range which should appeal to a wide audience and starts from 0.25 to 2,500 of the currency the player is using. There is an auto play button if you are the type of player that wants to sit back and watch the game take place before you. You can set 10, 25, 50 and up to 99 spins without any limits until you uncover a bonus feature. Just remember that there are no loss limits. If you find that you are losing interest in this slot you can use the Turbo mode to get things moving along quicker. The game rules, players settings and pay table information can all be found in the information section which you can find at the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

The return to player is lower than expected standing at 95.48% however this seems to be becoming more often with the slots released currently. The value refers to how much you can win for every 100 spins, this is a theoretical number created by the developers to provide players with a guide on how often they can expect to win. This coupled with the medium volatility that is on offer you should expect to land small yet more frequent wins.


The wild is always important to the game play and this slot has two. Both wilds can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations. The standard wild will reward you with 40x your stake and if you land an entire screen of wilds you will be rewarded with a massive 2,000x your stake. The larger of the two wilds are activated by the Anaconda Wild 2 Re-spin feature where you will come face to face with the anaconda and you then have the chance to net huge wins.

The large anaconda will move around your screen leaving extra anaconda symbols as it goes. It will move around the screen until it gets back to the original spot. The movement of the snake is totally random therefore theoretically the snake could eat the whole screen which would see you net a huge pay out. Let’s be honest this is unlikely to happen, but you can expect decent rewards if you activate this feature. The Anaconda Wild 2 is the only feature in the slot therefore if you prefer a slot with lots of features on offer this is not the slot for you.

Before you decide to play Anaconda Wild 2 it is a good idea to take advantage of the free demo mode first. It is recommended that you play up to 200 free spins before you start to risk your own money. The demo mode is important, and I would always recommend that players make use of this or you may end up throwing money away. Every slot is different and will play in a different way, therefore when it gets to playing you need to be sure that your budget is suitable for the game you choose to play. When you begin to play Anaconda Wild 2 for free make sure that your bet level is the same as you would use if you were to play for real. By doing this you can get an idea of whether this is the type of game you want to play or not.


The developers at Playtech have kept this slot straightforward and as usual the graphics and design are excellent and expertly executed. The return to player of 95.48% and huge bet range are attractive and will appeal to a wide audience. I would rate the game at 7/10 and recommend the slot to all, I found the entire experience to be relaxing and hugely enjoyable.


Frequently Asked Questions Anaconda Wild 2

What is the game configuration?

Anaconda Wild 2 has 6-reels, 4-rows and 4,096 ways to win, and there are 50 fixed pay lines.

What is the bet range in Anaconda Wild 2?

The bet range starts from 0.25 to 2,500.s

Which developer is responsible for this slot?

Anaconda Wild 2 is from the team at Playtech.

What is the return to player in this game?

The return to player stands at 95.48%.

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