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Savage Jungle Slots

Collect Wild ape symbols in the depths of the jungle with Savage Jungle, an online slot game from Playtech. Players spend each round making note of the number of wild ape symbols appearing throughout the game. The number of spins needed before calculating those wild symbols counts down on the top right hand corner of the screen. At the end of the countdown, all those wild apes appear to produce big winnings for players. So if you’re looking for a jungle themed slot game with a clear objective and big winnings, check out Savage Jungle.


The clear theme of Savage Jungle is, well, the jungle. Jungle animals represent the highest paying symbols. And the gorilla (one of the dominant animals in the jungle) is the key symbol. The background fills the screen with standard jungle plant life and a mist created by the shining sun. Another notable theme of Savage Jungle is the music and the background sounds. While many sounds in the background are noises you’d expect in the jungle (chirping birds, a running stream) others seem a little manipulative. First, there is the very relaxing main theme of the game that some would mistake for meditation music. So keep yourself alert as this relaxing music plays in the background.

The 2nd part of is the sudden appearance of video game sounds for wins and using the game’s various controls, such as the autoplay and setting bets. These sounds can be a little jarring when placed in the context of meditation music. Players can bet between 0.10 and 500 per spin. The music plays a part here too. The sounds as you choose your bet are peppier when the bid goes up, but a real downer when bids go down. Also, the music mutes when you go to another screen or app on your device. The autoplay feature goes without stopping and with no requirements for keeping it. And players only choose their total bet. So no need to adjust the 5 reel game’s 50 paylines.


Savage Jungle features 13 symbols. The standard royal symbols produce the lowest payouts. Unlike many games, Savage Jungle features 6 of these royal symbols. 9 and 10 are the lowest payouts. J and Q chime in next. K and A produce the highest of the royal symbol payouts. The high symbol payouts start with the Red Flower and the Butterfly. They are followed by the lizard/iguana and the toucan. The highest paying symbol is the cheetah. The ape is the wild symbol in the game and the most prized of each of the symbols. Appearing in reels 2 through 5, the wild symbol can replace any symbol but the scatter. During the game, a savage wild countdown clock sits in the top left hand corner.

Every time a wild lands on the reels, a leaf appears with a number. If an ape wild lands on a space it’s already appeared, the number on that leaf will increase by one, increasing that spaces multiplier. The counter on the leaf can proceed up to 25. When the savage wild countdown stops, all wilds return to the board (and with whatever multiplier they accumulated) and add up to create a big win for players with the symbols that appear on that last spin. A red ruby is the scatter symbol. Players earn ten free spins with three rubies. Players earn an additional 5 spins for three or more rubies on the free spin level. Whatever progress players made on the savage wild clock will be saved and resume after players are finished with the free spin level.

Review of Savage Jungle

For players who want a singular focus and purpose while playing slots, Savage Jungle is the game for you. The wilds are what produce the big wins, so players really don’t need to worry about much else but collecting them. But be wary of the music. Don’t let it influence you while you play.

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