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Wild horses and lighting strikes

There has been a growing interest over the past few years for new slots with increasingly high volatility in their content, with more unique features wanted and bigger potential of winnings needed. With all this in mind, developers have been angling to find new and inventive ways to help the player get there, with new mechanics and games released on a daily basis.
Stallion Strike is one of these games, bringing something new and exclusive to the players. Developed by Playtech in collaboration with Ash Gaming, they have introduced a new feature called Power Zones.

An unusual theme of wildlife in North America, in particular the wild horses that roam it, is here, giving the player a immersive experience and something different to the usual Ancient Egypt and Wizard slots we are used to littering the market.
Stallion Strike is a slot that is played across a grid of 6 reels and 5 rows, with an impressive 15,625 ways to win! The potential of 26,900 times your stake is juicy enough to bring you in, with a high volatility and RTP.

With the new mechanics featured in this slot, you can charge your symbols to create power zones and landing a charged symbol in the power zone transform all your symbols to the one that activated the power zone. If you like the sound of this, then read on to see whether this is a slot that gallops off or comes to a grounding halt!

Betting and RTP for Stallion Strike

Spinning on this slot starts at 10p and can increase up to £100 per spin. This accommodates all players, from those starting out to those who prefer a bigger bet. And with the chance of winning 26,900 times the stake, you could net up to £2,690,000 from a single spin!

Stallion Strike offers the player very promising rewards, but only if you are one of the lucky few players who managed to get close to the maximum potential of the slot. Therefore, while there is the potential of winning up to 26,900x the bet, the slot also comes with a high volatility meaning you will need a little luck if you plan on winning the biggest bucks of the slot!
However, we can’t criticise the losing spins since this slot has a huge potential for big rewards. This is the kind of high risk but high reward gambling options that experiences players would enjoy the most!

Looking for the long-term return, this is satisfactory, a little above the average of the slots being produced for the market! Settling at 96.27%, there are a lot worse slots you could be playing!


Symbols for this slot are what we would expect with the stallion taking centre stage for the player to enjoy. On both sides of the reels we have the lightening strike looking images, hidden away in the clouds.

The symbols themselves start with the six royals, A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. There are accompanied by the eagles, owls and of course, the Stallions. These are beautifully designed with a stunning atmospheric soundtrack accompanying it, to add excitement and anticipation to the game. Only two are needed to make a winning combination, adding to the slots potential. The graphics are particularly noteworthy, but they add a little something to the slot.

There is also the diamond symbol which is the wild and has the ability to substitute for all other symbols bar the Horseshoe scatter. The only reel it doesn’t appear on is the first.


The Power Zone is the main feature that is brought into this game, a brand-new feature that is the innovative work of Playtech and Ash Gaming. During any round, you may see regular symbols landing on the reels in ‘charged mode’, which means that there is a blue lightening line of electricity surrounding it. The spots which have charged symbols in them will become Power Zones. These zones can then become connected when neighbouring areas have the same type.
Landing another charged symbol next to an already charged Power Zone will expand the area to encompass this as well. Charged symbols landing in the zones will also become transformed into a singular type of symbol!
An example is this: you can have lots of different Power Zones, and then if a charged stallion symbols lands, all symbols within that Power Zone will be transformed into the higher value stallion symbol, the namesake of the slot.

The whole point of the Power Zones is that it gives the player the chance to win even bigger as they play!
There is also space for the Horseshoe scatter to have a feature, and landing this on the reels three or more times will enable the player to win between 12 and 50 free spins. Landing 3, 4, 5 or 6 of the bonus scatters will award the player with 12, 18, 25 or 50 free spins respectively and the triggering bonus symbols will also begin a Power Zone where they trigger.

There is also the buy feature which allows you to buy free spins and the mega spin. 12 free spins and the mega spin will cost you 52.5 times your stake, while 18 free spins and the mega spin is 107.5 times. 25 free spins will be 180 times the stake with the mega spin while the 50 free spins will be 500 times the stake, with the mega spin. There is also the gamble feature which gives you a mystery number of free spins with the mega spin, costing 210 times the stake.


Overall, we can conclude that this is a clever slot, offering something new with the features for the players to enjoy. With a decent return, but high volatility, we might suggest that only novice and above players take on the Stallions Strike, as beginners may begin to get tired of the losing streaks with little back.

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